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Jon Morris is the CEO of Ramsay Innovations LLC, where he helps business leaders grow their companies faster. They provide companies a framework that Jon has fine tuned over the years that is focused on data-driven leadership, high performing culture, focus and alignment, and growth infrastructure.

Before Ramsay Innovations, Jon founded and bootstrapped Rise Interactive, a full-service internet marketing agency, with $10,000 and grew it into one of the largest independent digital agencies. Rise Interactive helps clients get new customers at the lowest acquisition cost.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jon Morris shares the three things that helps businesses grow
  • How companies can nail down their sales and marketing infrastructure
  • Who is the ideal client for Ramsay Innovations?
  • How Ramsay Innovations is using content marketing to attract their target clients
  • How business owners can build the financial infrastructure for their business
  • The importance of organizational design in growing your business and how you can develop one for your company
  • Jon talks about the four different types of CEOs and the evolution of their roles
  • Jon explains why he considers the low moment he had with Rise Interactive is also a proud moment
  • How Ramsay Innovations helps their clients create and implement their core values

In this episode…

Three things can sink or help your business grow: organizational design, financial infrastructure, and sales and marketing infrastructure. Jon Morris explains that these three items, if done properly together, can propel your company forward. But when one of them goes missing, it can tip off the balance in your organization and challenge the momentum you’ve painstakingly built for your business.

Jon shares that as a company grows, the CEO’s role changes with it. And the business needs a solid organizational design so that business owners can remove certain functions and pass them on to your team while at the same time empowering the employees to do their jobs efficiently. And as the business grows, the organization’s core values must be the driving force behind the hiring, firing, and promotional decisions in order to retain a cohesive and top-performing workforce.

So where does the finance, sales, and marketing infrastructure of the business fit into the picture?
Ramsay Innovations LLC CEO, breaks down these three things on this episode of Inspired Insider brought to you by Rise25.

Learn how Jon Morris, CEO of Ramsay Innovations LLC, grew Rise Interactive from 0 to 250+ employees with just an initial $10,000 in his pocket on this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast. Jon breaks down and shares the secret to capturing your business’ organizational design, finance, and sales and marketing infrastructure. He also discusses how Ramsay Innovations help their clients through this process and how he zeroed in on his tried-and-true method for growing a business. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders. You know, when I was thinking about this interview, Jon l properly introduced Jon Morris for a second. But I was thinking who are some of the top Chicago entrepreneurs I’ve had on the podcast before. And big shout out, first of all, to Steve Fretzin, and Steve Fretzin of Sales-free Selling for attorneys who actually introduced us. So thanks, Steve. Everyone, check out his website and his podcast. I had Dan Zawacki of Lobster Gram. He was the first person I think to send live lobsters in the mail for direct mail. He’s in Chicago, Peter Rahal, I had on who started RX Bars, if you haven’t heard of RX bars, maybe you have seen them. But he started that company in Jon when I had him on I didn’t realize how big they were, and shortly after they sold to Kellogg. So that was a great story as well. So check those out on And before I introduce Jon Morris, this episode is brought to you by Rise25, the Rise25. I found it with my business partner, John Corcoran, and we help businesses launch and run their podcasts for them. And really, for me over the past 10 years of podcasting, the number one thing is relationships, I’m always looking at ways to give to my relationships to profile the people I admire, and have everyone else learned from them as well. And I’ve seen no better way to do that with a pot than with a podcast. So if you are a business and you’ve thought of, maybe I should get my message out, maybe I should get my networks message out to the world. You should start a podcast. So go to learn more. And check it out. I’m excited about today’s guests, we have Jon Morris again, thanks to Steve Fretzin, Jon Morris turned $10,000 into one of the largest independent digital agencies called Rise Interactive. And Rise Interactive is a full service internet marketing agency. And they help people, their clients get new customers at the lowest acquisition cost so so Jon is a master at a lot of things. But he’s a master at helping people get clients at low acquisition costs. Now he runs Ramsay Innovations where he helps business leaders grow their companies because Jon grew his company from zero to I think over 250 people at at the end when you sold it. Jon, thanks for joining me.

Jon Morris

Thank you so much. By the way, I love the name Rise25 as someone who founded Rise Interactive,

Jeremy Weisz

and I and I was looking at that and like we did not copy it is it is predates me knowing about you and Rise Interactive. But why did you name it Rise Interactive?

Jon Morris

You know, our original name was actually Internet Marketing Initiative, which was always a placeholder name. And we

Jeremy Weisz

I love Rise Interactive.

Jon Morris

Yeah, it’s by far superior name. But when it came to Rise, you know, if you think about we help people rise to the top of the search engines, we tout people rise in terms of their ROI. And so the idea is that we were trying to help people rise overall. And so the name fit perfectly. No,

Jeremy Weisz

I love the name too, as well. And you know, when we are talking before we hit record here, I do want to talk about the evolution of rise interactive, because it leads into what you do now, which is, you know, leadership and sales and marketing and all the aspects of someone running their business. But we are talking about, like Jeremy, there’s really three things that help businesses grow. When I come into an organization that I there’s a low hanging fruit, so I love for you to to talk about those.