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JD Roth grew to over million visitors per month, became one of Time Magazine’s Top 25 bloggers, and sold his site for more money that he dreamed was possible. It was not as easy as that and he is going to talk about some of the mistakes along the journey.

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What will you learn in this interview?
– What are his biggest mistakes?
– What is the most painful moment in his life?
– What did he do after he sold his site?
– What was the biggest challenge he faced in his career?
– What was his lowest point in business?
– What is something most people don’t know about him?
– What is next for JD Roth?


JD spent a huge amount of money on his comic book collection. He had 10,000 comic books. He says everything he knows about blogging he learned in comics.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
Tim Clark
Jim Wang
Your Money: The Missing Manual


JD Roth is an accidental personal finance expert, a regular guy who found himself deep in debt. After deciding to turn his life around, he read everything he could about money and finance.

In 2006, he started the award-winning website Get Rich Slowly, which Money Magazine named the Web’s most inspiring personal finance blog.

He’s the author of Your Money: The Missing Manual

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