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Jay Steinfeld is Founder of He set up the original eCommerce site NoBrainerBlinds for $3000 in 1996 and has since grown the eCommerce company to over $200 million in annual revenue. It is the world’s top retailer for blinds and shades and provides blinds for over a million windows every year. The company was acquired in 2014 by Home Depot.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:55] Jeremy’s introduction to this episode.
  • [2:00] Jay talks about starting his first business out of his home.
  • [6:00] Starting an eCommerce business at the beginning of online sales.
  • [11:50] What did Jay want to be when he was a kid?
  • [13:15] Was is a good decision for Jay to go into accounting?
  • [15:15] What did Jay learn from working at Meineke?
  • [17:50] Jay talks about getting feedback from his employees.
  • [19:10] Core values.
  • [21:00] Experiments and risks in business.
  • [24:20] Work and family life.
  • [33:00] Training salespeople.
  • [38:00] Shaping the buying experience.
  • [43:00] Gathering investors.
  • [47:00] Acquiring competitors.
  • [51:15] Wowing the customer.
  • [52:30] Marketing with videos.
  • [57:00] Marketing on radio and TV.
  • [58:30] Home Depot acquires Jay’s company.
  • [1:04:30] Lessons learned from acquisition.
  • [1:07:30] Why did Jay stay on when Home Depot acquired
  • [1:09:00] What skills has Jay had to develop as a CEO that were different from an entrenpuer?
  • [1:11:40] Lowest moment and highest moment in business.

In this episode…

It isn’t sexy but most businesses would LOVE to be known for quality customer service. The problem is that is costs money and resources to build that kind of culture in your company. But those costs can end up paying HUGE rewards. Jay Steinfeld and his company have built a reputation of providing quality customer service. On this episode, Jay and Jeremy discuss taking risks, enjoying work, providing the best product to customers, and so much more. This is an episode that any business leader would be wise to listen to, there are so many applications! Don’t miss this episode of Inspired Insider.

Taking risks in business can be scary. What if you fail? What if it all comes crashing down around you? However, taking risks is necessary! It’s been said that if you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. Are you taking risks? Jay Steinfeld will be the first to tell you that he is risk averse. But he has forced himself and his organization to push through the uncomfortable and take risks. They don’t take HUGE risks, rather they have committed themselves to constant experimentation. They regularly take small risks in the hope that one pays off and becomes the next great idea. Jay thinks of this process as an investment in his company’s future. Learn more from Jay and the lessons he has learned in business on this episode of Inspired Insider.

Do you LOVE your job? Does getting up for work each morning fire you up? Meet someone who loves what he does, Jay Steinfeld. Jay is the CEO of and he considers his job FUN. He has spent years building up his team and his business from a small operation out of his home to an industry leading multimillion dollar company. The joy and excitement Jay has for his job have spread throughout his organization. In fact, having fun is one of their core values. If you’d like to hear Jay expand on his core values and catch why he is so fired up about his job, make sure to listen to this episode of Inspired Insider!

In many sales circles, the emphasis is on the features that a product provides. But this approach doesn’t take into consideration the prospective customer’s perspective. It doesn’t anticipate the customer’s needs. A good salesperson listens to their customer and matches them to the product that will provide them the most benefit. This approach is central to Jay Steinfeld and his team at Jay’s many years of experience in sales and specifically dealing with the sale of blinds has shaped his perspective. He wants his salespeople to give outstanding service to their customers. Learn more about Jay’s insights and how you can apply them to your industry on this episode of Inspired Insider.

The reputation of customer service in our society isn’t always positive. You hear horror stories of people calling in and having to spend hours on hold and then get someone who isn’t interested in taking care of their problem. On the other side, you hear stories that speak of customer service employees having a terrible working experience. When a business gets customer service right, they stand out. Jay Steinfeld’s company, holds to high customer service standards. In fact, it was their excellent reputation for customer service that factored into Home Depot decision to acquire them. Their reputation in this area is not by accident. Jay Steinfeld talks about how this is something he has carried with him through all his years in business. To hear more about Jay’s lessons in customer service, make sure to catch this episode of Inspired Insider!

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