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If you want to master your craft you’ve got to hear this conversation with Jay Papasan. Jay co-authored The ONE Thing – The Surprisingly simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results with Gary Keller. It has been translated into 24 languages and has more than 275 national bestseller list appearances, including #1 on the Wall Street Journal and has sold millions of copies. When I ask many top entrepreneurs one of the most impactful books they read, “The One Thing” comes up over and over. The journey for Jay has been interesting from translator to teacher of poetry and creative writing at NYU to HarperCollins to Keller-Williams Realty and best selling author.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:23] Jeremy’s introduction to Jay Papasan.
  • [1:36] The conversation Jay had with Gary Keller in the bathroom.
  • [5:09] The amazing success of the book that nobody predicted.
  • [7:04] The system Jay used to promote and organize/write the book.
  • [16:02] The ONE THING that you should focus on in THE ONE THING book.
  • [22:23] Time blocking, Jay’s personal time management skills, and his most common personal distractions.
  • [30:00] Jay’s personal productivity practices from his “one thing” philosophy.
  • [35:03] The biggest lies or myths relating to the one thing approach.
  • [37:10] What was in the 200 pages that got cut from the book?
  • [43:09] The hurdles Jay had to overcome in creating the book.
  • [49:00] Jay’s lowest point in business and life.
  • [52:00] The proudest moments Jay has experienced.

In this episode…

Many people talk a good talk about being a master of their craft, but few know how to accomplish it. Jay Papasan and his co-author Gary Keller (of Keller-Williams fame) have written “The One Thing” to enable anyone to discover and walk the path of mastery in any area of life. Jay shares the basic concepts and approach in this conversation.

The book “The One Thing” was originally written for real estate professionals within the Keller-Williams organization. Neither of the co-authors, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan (the guest on this episode) expected it would become a continual best-seller. You can hear how the book took off and the promotion strategy that was used to give it an incredible launch, on this episode.

Those who want to master their craft have to learn how to master themselves. That’s one of the primary things emphasized in the smash hit book, “The One Thing.” Jay Papasan shares how he and Gary Keller came up with the idea for the book and how it teaches effective time and personal mastery skills that enable anyone to become a master of the things they are most passionate about.

Jay Papasan believes that most people don’t really believe in the 80/20 rule, despite what they might say. The thing that has convinced him of it is that few people actually do the things they know they should according to the 80/20 maxim. On this episode of Inspired Insider Jay shares how he teaches people the practice of time blocking to enable them to reach new heights in personal mastery and productivity.

Being the co-author a best-selling book like “The One Thing” hasn’t changed Jay Papasan. He’s still the same down-to-earth, easy speaking guy he was before the book took over the best-seller charts. In this conversation, you can hear Jay’s casual, authentic way of addressing vital topics in all areas of life. You’ll be greatly helped by what he shares so be sure you clear out some time to listen to this conversation.

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