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Jay Papasan co-authored —The ONE Thing:The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, with Gary Keller. It has been translated into 24 languages and has more than 275 national bestseller list appearances, including #1 on the Wall Street Journal. The book has sold millions of copies. When I ask many top entrepreneurs one of the most impactful books they read, “The One Thing” comes up over and over.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:23] Jeremy’s introduction to Jay Papasan, The One Thing, and this episode.
  • [1:17] Jay’s lowest point and how he pushed through the tough time.
  • [2;57] What Jay recommends to keep going when hard times hit.
  • [4:21] Jay’s proudest moments.
  • [5:53] Where you can connect with Jay.
  • [6:49] The company’s involvement with Heroes For Children.
  • [8:07] The role Jay’s wife has played in his success and her own successes.
  • [11:00] Lessons Jay is watching his children learn.

In this episode…

Jay’s book, “The One Thing” is all about the increased success and forward motion that can be attained by keeping a strict focus on one particular area of focus. It’s a concept and discipline all of us need to adopt to one degree or another. On this episode of Inspired Insider I ask Jay about how he keeps his focus on his one thing during his lowest moments.

Jay says that his toughest times have to do with personal things and as we talked on this episode he referenced a time when his father experienced a serious stroke. He said that during those times he has to remind himself that his true “one thing” is his family and allow himself the time to focus on it. His business endeavors during those times have to be accomplished in light of the family’s priority in his life.

It’s during the hard times that Jay Papasan wants to be best role model for his kids. He wants them to see in him the integrity and consistency that focusing on one thing provides. On this episode he shares how he aims at that goal and the ways he sees it impacting his children.

One of the final stories Jay Papasan, co-author of “The One Thing,” shares on this episode is how he’s seeing his children learn as they grow. Some of the things they are noticing at a young age are both interesting and inspiring. Their lives are more fruit of the “one thing” philosophy that Jay advocates – and you can learn more about it on this episode.

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