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Jason VandeBoom is  founder of ActiveCampaign, which is a web based marketing platform that helps hundreds of thousands of small businesses improve and automate their marketing.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:37] Jeremy’s introduction of Jason VandeBoom, founder of
  • [0:57] What’s been the lowest point for ActiveCampaign?
  • [2:34] What was the most painful part as far as products?
  • [3:53] How do you disconnect from that level of stress when you go home?
  • [5:36] The proudest moment for ActiveCampaign.
  • [6:16] What are you most excited about in the future of ActiveCampaign?
  • [7:16] The proudest customer experience you’ve had.
  • [8:16] What’s the most unique type of business you work with?
  • [9:00] Jason’s final thoughts.

In this episode…

For Jason VandeBoom, growing his company, ActiveCampaign, hasn’t always been easy. Like most businesses, there have been bumps on the road and times when he wasn’t sure if they could keep pushing forward. Jason shares the high and low point for ActiveCampaign, along with some useful insight into how he’s grown the business into the success it is today.

What’s been the low point for ActiveCampaign? Jason discusses the low point, which came in 2008 after his honeymoon. When Jason returned from his 2-week honeymoon, things were not going well for the company. He offers insight into the cause of the problems and how they were able to move forward and overcome the issues. Jason also shares his key learnings from this low point and how he’s avoided similar problems later on.

Jason goes on to discuss one of the most painful parts of facing the issues in 2008 – realizing he had people focusing on the wrong product. He shares how long it took to regain stability, as well as the toll it took on him personally.

How do you disconnect from work when you go home? For Jason, disconnecting is a challenge. He shares how his family has helped him learn to disconnect and why it can be tough to do so when you’re passionate about the business.

What’s been the high point for ActiveCampaign? Jason shares why the past 6 months have been the high point for the company and some of the things that have contributed to their current level of success. He also discusses what’s next for ActiveCampaign and why the customer experience is so valuable to him. In closing, Jason leaves us with some final thoughts about how you can better utilize your time with automation.

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