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Amazon FBA is one of the places James Thomson is a specialist. He is founder of which is a consulting company for large Amazon sellers typically over $10million. James is the former business head of “Selling on Amazon”. He developed the initial Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) NUDGE program that helped Amazon sellers generate an extra $1 billion in annual sales. He also has a Ph.D. in Marketing Strategy from Northwestern University. His primary focus is President of the PROSPER Show, an educational conference focused on helping online sellers become more profitable.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:15] Jeremy’s introduction of this episode with James Thomson.
  • [1:20] The main tips James has for Amazon sellers who are starting out.
  • [5:22] The biggest mistakes Amazon sellers make.
  • [9:21] The biggest challenge of owning your own brand on Amazon.
  • [11:12] Tips to help with listing products effectively.
  • [15:07] What are the main things sellers on Amazon should focus on to build their success?
  • [18:00] The best ways to optimize a product listing on Amazon.
  • [24:55] The process a seller should to through to determine new sales categories and new products.
  • [30:34] A product analysis scenario.
  • [35:20] At what point does it make sense to sell a product at a loss?
  • [45:06] Suggestions of companies that can help you ship or build a private label brand.
  • [47:49] The competitive advantages successful sellers have.
  • [51:45] What is required to scale a product?
  • [1:03:40] Things James knew when he was at Amazon that he wished he could share.
  • [1:11:58] Software sellers should consider.
  • [1:20:23] What other channels can be used besides Amazon?
  • [1:25:25] Key things to avoid to keep your Amazon account healthy.
  • [1:29:54] How to connect with James.

In this episode…

Amazon FBA has become a very popular way for everyday people to build their own brand and business online while still maintaining a 9 to 5 job. But when one of those small guy operations becomes successful there’s a whole new level of expertise and specialization that has to come into play. That’s where James Thomson and his company, Marketplace Accelerator come in.

James has been helping Amazon sellers make the most of their large-scale FBA and eCommerce business for years, helping them refine their strategies, systems, and team to make the most of the opportunities that are available to successful Amazon FBA companies.

The reason James has focused on Amazon FBA so much is because he’s what you might call and “Amazon Insider,” having been employed with Amazon. In fact, James is the creator of the Amazon FBA “nudge” program that helped Amazon generate an additional $1 billion in sales.

James Thomson is on the podcast today to talk almost exclusively about Amazon FBA. He shares the biggest mistakes Amazon sellers make and how to avoid them, the biggest challenges growing Amazon sellers will face and how to overcome them, the companies and resources that can make Amazon FBA a winning proposition, and much more.

If you are considering Amazon FBA and want to hear from a professional Amazon sales consultant who knows the Amazon way of doing business better than almost everyone, this episode with James Thomson of MarketplaceAccelerator is for you. Be sure you take the time to listen. It will be time well spent.


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