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Amazon private label is the niche that today’s guest, Greg Mercer has focused on to great success. Greg is the founder of the software “Jungle Scout” which allows you to quickly and easily perform product research on Amazon and a second software product called “Review Kick” which helps people quickly and easily get reviews for their amazon products. But those software solutions are based on Greg’s own success as an Amazon private label seller. Greg generates revenues in excess of $400K per month by selling his own products on Amazon.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:00] Pre-show banter between Jeremy and Greg.
  • [4:36] Jeremy’s introduction of Greg Mercer and this episode.
  • [5:31] The big mistakes Greg has made selling on Amazon.
  • [6:53] Why Greg transitioned from wholesaling to private label sales on Amazon.
  • [11:38] Patterns Greg discovered from losing products.
  • [14:40] Greg’s history selling on Amazon and what has caused his quick success.
  • [17:41] How Greg uses the Jungle Scout tool to research product possibilities.
  • [22:42] The differences between the two Jungle Scout tools.
  • [26:44] Greg’s unorthodox personal workflow and why he does it.
  • [22:27] Influences on Greg growing up (his background and mentors).
  • [33:42] The day Greg quit his corporate engineering job.
  • [36:40] From quitting his job to becoming a successful Amazon private label seller.
  • [39:11] The time Greg spends on his Amazon business now compared to the software.
  • [40:40] The lessons Greg has learned from the software side of the business.
  • [44:43] Customer feedback that has helped improve the software.
  • [46:09] The biggest mistakes people make selling private label on Amazon.
  • [51:13] The things Greg considers when he thinks about selling on Amazon.
  • [54:42] The toughest times with the software business.
  • [56:12] Team dynamics and issues.
  • [58:24] Software Greg uses.
  • [1:02:57] Greg’s lowest point in business.
  • [1:04:42] One of Greg’s proudest moments in business.
  • [1:05:26] One of Greg’s favorite success stories from a Jungle Scout user.

In this episode…

Amazon Private Label sales is a continually growing area where many everyday people are finding it possible to build their own business online. Greg Mercer is one of the many people who is making that kind of success more and more possible. Greg’s software solutions aimed at Amazon private label sellers has truly made it easier than ever for anyone to find and begin selling a successful product of their own.

Greg Mercer’s software success is built on the back of his own Amazon success. He’s got many years’ experience selling his own private label products on the Amazon platform and has learned the mistakes and skills needed to build software that can truly help those who want to get into private label sales. Currently, Greg’s company generates over $400,000 per month through product sales alone.

If you’re curious about what it takes to get into Amazon private label sales Greg Mercer would tell you it’s not that difficult. You need some basic tools, like his very affordable software, Jungle Scout, and a knowledge of how the Amazon platform works. From there, you can source your products from a variety of places, build a product listing yourself, and begin selling your own private label products within a relatively short period of time.

In this conversation with Greg, I ask him to share how he got started selling products on Amazon, why he left his corporate job as an engineer to do so, and how he’s benefitted from taking that step. You’ll also get to hear Greg’s tips for building a successful private label business on Amazon. You won’t want to miss this conversation.

If you want to find a way to support yourself outside of the typical 9 to 5 work hours of corporate America, this episode may contain the information you’ve been looking for. Take some time to get to know Greg Mercer and hear his story of brand building success online that enables him to travel, live the lifestyle of his dreams, and run a successful company remotely. It’s an amazing story.

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