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Farbod Deylamian and Kyle Lewis are cofounders of Sriracha2Go, a company catering to the needs of Sriracha fans worldwide. they make keychain togo bottles so you can carry your srircha sauce with you everywhere. They sold through their initial order of 20K units in 2 weeks and they sold over 10k 3 packs on groupon in a week  and received investment from Mark Cuban’s investment company.



In this episode…

What would you do if the HUGE order of products you got from your distributor sold out much faster than you thought?

In this conversation you’re going to hear Farbod and Kyle’s honest and open answers to Jeremy’s questions about their highest and lowest points since the start of their business – and they both happened on the same day, caused by the same event: Running out of product far ahead of what they anticipated. These guys have a great entrepreneurial perseverance that you’ve be inspired by. Listen to their responses to a very challenging situation and discover some tips you can take away to help you navigate the difficult waters your business will face.

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