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Dustin Maher is called America’s Trainer to Moms and has appeared on network television over 100 times . He owns and operates 5 fitness locations and started 90 Fit Mom for Life groups all over North America. He is the author of Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids and has produced 50 home workout DVDs as well as the documentary Fit Moms for Life: one in a million.

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What will you learn in this interview?
-How did Dustin manage to get on network television over 100 times?
-What types of things are expected from networks if you desire to appear on television?
-How did he come up with his “hook”?
-What were some of his inspirations as a child?
-What got him started being interested in fitness?
-When and how did he start his business?
-What food items should everyone avoid?
-What was his biggest turning point?
-How was his first television experience?
-What is his process for hiring trainers?
-What was his biggest mistake and what did he learn?
-What are some of his favorite transformation stories?
-Who does he call for advice?

He plays competitive ping pong and tournament scrabble.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
“Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren
Nick Berry – Co-Founder and President of Fitness Consulting Group
Ryan Lee – Entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, success coach
Bedros Keuilian – PT Power
Joe Polish – Best-Selling Fitness Author, Entrepreneur
Dan Sullivan – Strategic Coaching
“Purple Cow” by Seth Godin
Jonathan Field – RevolutionU


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A little background about Dustin Maher:

Inspired by his own stay-at-home mom, who cared for everyone else without making enough time for herself, founder of fit moms for life Dustin Maher has devoted his life to helping moms get in the best shape of their lives. Although he’s trained bodybuilders, athletes, and models, Dustin’s favorite clients are moms, partly because they often need him—and the “me time” of a workout—the most, and also because he believes that good health for the entire family begins with a fit mom.

Here is what the Personal Fitness Professional Magazine wrote about his Success Journey:

Being called a “Mama’s Boy” is not something most people take kindly to. Dustin Maher, however, wears the label proudly… and has already turned his self-proclaimed identity, as well as his unique connection with moms, into a growing empire. Maher is the confident son of a stay-at-home mom who sacrificed a lot for her four children Dustin has been dubbed America’s Trainer to the Moms.

Dustin has created three thriving MamaTone classes, an iPhone app developed from pieces of his core training DVD, 250 boot campers enrolled in his 12-location Fit Fun Boot Camp and more than 1000 moms from nine countries having purchased his monthly DVD program, Fit Moms for Life.

Maher had dreamed of being a weatherman since the first grade until his freshman year in college when his love for fitness began. He had been studying exercise and nutrition on his own, and Maher began teaching anyone who would listen the benefits of moving your body and eating right.

Dustin, a student at the University of Wisconsin, switched his major to kinesiology with a minor in business. He also picked up a job at the university recreation center, where he cleaned weight machines and answered questions. Dustin applied to teach a circuit class and got the job and then recognized the need for a 30-minute core class, which Maher felt was his specialty. He wrote the curriculum for his proposed class and Dustin and eight other trainers were teaching his core class, which became the most popular class on campus with more than 400 weekly attendees.

After graduation, Maher knew he had the tools to begin focusing in on his niche — mothers. He wanted to develop an exercise class for stay-at-home moms somewhere they could get a great workout, have free childcare and socialize with other moms.

MamaTone Fitness was born. Women in the community responded overwhelmingly, and soon the program had a following of 60 moms. Maher was also training one-on-one with clients, working about 50 hours per week and moving toward burnout. He knew he needed to begin leveraging his time better. Maher shifted all of his clients into groups of four, which cut his hours in half, and began eyeing the profitable boot camp model. At the same time, Maher had received requests for a program similar to MamaTone for working moms. He decided to create some early morning workouts but made them co-ed. Two years ago, Maher formed Fit Fun Bootcamps with two different locations.

Within a year, the boot camp grew to eight locations. By the second year, it amassed 12 locations, 16 different start times and about 250 campers. Always looking forward, Maher knew that he needed to develop a program to reach more people in a way that would further leverage his time and expertise. Maher found Ryan Lee, a highly successful information marketer who also began in fitness. With Lee’s help, Maher created Fit Moms for Life, a monthly DVD program.

Maher is used to being in front of a camera, however. A master at generating publicity, he’s been on TV or radio more than 100 times, leveraging that exposure to build his classes and boot camps and sell DVDs.In fact, he now trains five reporters on an ongoing basis. And most of them are moms.

Beyond being critical in building his business, his ability to garner TV and radio spots led Maher to partner with another of his mentors, Steve Hochman, and launch a coaching program to teach other trainers how to do the same. But what drives Maher forward is his mission to reach one million moms.

With a strong online community and more DVDs in the works, Maher is now aiming to create a grassroots organization in which moms across the country and around the world can
meet in small groups and use his programs within their homes to get fit while holding each other accountable. Also called Fit Moms for Life (the name of his DVD program), these communities are based on the Body for Life model, which still has support groups meeting today.

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