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Don Williams 3:06

Great question. So I helped this gentleman who I worked for build this company, worked my way into partnership with him. He did not pay me as agreed. And so I became his competitor.

Jeremy Weisz 3:21

That’s pretty wild.

Don Williams 3:23

It was pretty wild. We reconciled many years later, I have no hard feelings. And in fact, I’m really grateful. Because without that, I probably would not have launched my own company. I was doing very well, I was going to do very, very well in partnership. And it took probably that stimulus to get me to move on.

Jeremy Weisz 3:47

You had an EOS implementer that you helped.

Don Williams 3:50

Yeah, so I’ve had many clients and my first coaching and consulting client was an EOS implementer. And when he came to me, he had four clients, which is pretty low in in that business. And the rate that he charged was he charged $4,000 a day, right, which is very low for that industry. And so the first thing we looked at, because it’s not just about making sales about making sales that make money, okay, and so I’m like, so why are we charging $10,000 A day instead of 4000? And he said, Well, I’m just not ready. And you know, I can’t come in that price, and people won’t pay that price. And, and what I was able to get him to realize was this, if what you do works, people will pay the 10,000. And if what you do doesn’t work, the 4000 is too much. So the price is really immaterial. But so many times people look at how they price their product service or experience based on cost of goods cost of labor. And that’s kind of the wrong way to do it. In my opinion. It’s much better to look at it as to the value provided. So, you know, I’ll just give you a wild example. So If I can provide you a million dollars worth of value that you didn’t already have, would you let me have 150,000 of it. And most entrepreneurs, not all, but most are like I absolutely would. And so those are the kinds of people I want to work with. And those are the kind of people that typically, you see, scale companies very fast, not, not those that they may have, it may have taken 10 years to build the foundation. But once they actually get to scaling, that goes very quickly.

Jeremy Weisz 5:32

I mean, that’s a great lesson in pricing to look at the value based value you provide for another company, you also helped an IT services company.

Don Williams 5:41

So I love working with scientists, very bright people, their high IQ many times a little lower on their EQ their a CT low, and you know, nobody can be excellent and a genius and everything nobody can. And so this client’s a managed services provider, he’s a it genius, there’s, I mean, no doubt about it. Very uncomfortable, even even to use the word sales, I mean, and that’s not uncommon in that industry. And so over a period of time you start with mindset, and how people are thinking, because that’s what everything gets built on, but doubled his business, which it was pretty significant to begin with, and about 12 months, mostly by changing mindset, and then some processes, you know that with a new mindset, you were able to view and say, hmm, maybe we should actually be doing this, like this. And these things over here that we’ve done forever, maybe we should stop some of those, you know, it’s stop the stupid and move everything else to best practice. And, and you’ll improve, 

Jeremy Weisz 5:41

Don, you have a book,

Don Williams 6:29

I do have a book, I have a recent release book, gratitude stories from our hearts. It’s a compilation of 25 stories from individuals like you and me, who share the power of gratitude in their life. My vision for that book, actually, my fourth book, is to influence a million people to begin a daily intentional gratitude practice. Because the funny thing about gratitude is this, the more you practice gratitude, the more grateful you become. And and the more grateful you become, the more productive you become. And it doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen. And uncomfortable, things won’t happen in your life. But they’ll matter less and you’ll move on faster. And after all, time is our you know, we all have the common enemy of time, we want to get as much done as we can in the time that we have. That doesn’t necessarily mean work faster and harder, just means to be more grateful. And you know, a little more intentional about how we live,

Jeremy Weisz 7:56

what’s a favorite story from the book, and also just tell people the title and where they can find it.

Don Williams 8:03

So title is Gratitude: Stories From Our Hearts, by Don Williams and friends. Okay, I’ve 24 co authors, and you can find it on Amazon is absolutely the easiest place to buy any book anymore. And I’ll share the story that put me on my gratitude journey. I was at the GLC Global Leadership Conference in Bangkok. And a lady was talking in one of the breakout sessions about the power of gratitude and person’s life and how humans perform at their highest level when they express or experience gratitude and at their lowest level when they express or experience fear or shame. So I began this daily gratitude practice for one good thing. And so every day, I would journal at least one good thing that I was grateful for. After about six months, I took it to my team. And we began doing it once a week. Now, when you first do that, they look at you like you’re Godzilla. They’re like, What are you talking about? But after a period of time they they came around one week. A lady who worked with me 15 years, got up and shared. I’m grateful my grandson was born last week, he lived an hour. Tragic. Nothing you can say about that. But she was grateful because Mother Father, both sets of grandparents got to meet him, hold him

Jeremy Weisz 9:36

to touching story.

Don Williams 9:38

And so that began my gratitude journey. And I’ve been recruiting people to join me in a gratitude journey ever since.

Jeremy Weisz 9:47

So where can they learn more? What website should they go to? Don thanks for sharing that story.

Don Williams 9:52

And my pleasure. So easiest website and have a bunch of them but Don Williams I’m Don Williams. Go to and And, and you can you can find me there easy peasy.

Jeremy Weisz 10:03

Check out his book check out Don Williams Live from GLC.