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Don Williams is an author, keynote speaker, and the CEO of Don Williams Global, a performance-based sales consulting company that helps entrepreneurs and corporate executives increase sales and drive revenue. 

Don is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business in 1986 with capital totaling $6,000. Today, Don has founded a dozen companies. His client list includes international and Fortune 500 clients from A to Z.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Don Williams shares how he started his career in sales
  • How to increase your sales (without selling)
  • The incident that made Don become a sales consultant 
  • How many entrepreneurs get pricing wrong? 
  • Hate selling? Here’s how you can still grow your sales 
  • The power of gratitude 

In this episode…

If you have a great product or fantastic service but for some reason aren’t selling as much as you’d like, what can you do? And, if you hate selling (like most people), how do you increase profits?

According to performance-based sales consultant Don Williams, the first thing you need to do is stop selling. Also, your pricing is not the problem — contrary to what you might think. If your product or service works, consumers will pay your price for it. Want to find out more? 

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz as he interviews the CEO of Don Williams Global, Don Williams, live from the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Global Leadership Conference.

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Episode Transcript

John Corcoran 0:22

Hey everybody, this is John Corcoran with Dr. Jeremy Weisz and this episode is a little bit different. This is a live interview that we recorded at the Global Leadership Conference from Entrepreneurs Organization, where some of the best entrepreneurs from around the globe gathered in Washington DC to share ideas and to learn about entrepreneurship. And of course, this episode is brought to you by Rise25, where we help b2b businesses to give to and to connect to their dream 100 relationships and partnerships helping you to run a podcast so that it generates a referral pipeline and ROI.

Jeremy Weisz 0:57

Yeah, I mean, John, after both of us have been podcasting for over a decade, the number one thing in our life is relationships. And we’re always looking at ways to give to our best relationships. And we found no better way to do that over the past decade than to profile the people in companies we admire and shout from the rooftops what they’re working on. And this interview is no different. So if you’ve thought about podcasting, you should go to To learn more, or email us at [email protected] 

John Corcoran 1:23

Thanks, everyone, enjoy the interview. 

Jeremy Weisz 1:25


Jeremy Weisz here We’re live from EO GLC brought to you by Rise25. I’m here with Don and Don, tell people your name and what you do.

Don Williams 1:48

Yeah, I’m Don Williams, and my company is Don Williams Global. And I basically help people sell more of whatever they sell.

Jeremy Weisz 1:55

How did you get into this industry, tell me more about your business.

Don Williams 1:58

So at age 19, I stumbled into a sales job. And in about six months ended up being the number one sales rep in the country, they promoted me to Sales Manager, which is not always a good idea to take a great salesperson and turn them into a manager worked out for them, took me about another six months to be top sales manager in the country. And so since that time, I’ve worked with over half the Fortune 500 on marketing, sales, and service strategy and execution. So what

Jeremy Weisz 2:29

were you doing as a sales rep that set you apart?

Don Williams 2:33

So I think the number one thing, if you want to, if you want to increase your sales is stop selling, and start helping people have problems. If you provide an excellent product service or experience that solves their problem. It’s just a matter of having trust, and they’ll buy you won’t have to worry about selling, they’ll just buy. And and that sounds a little Fufu. But it’s true.

Jeremy Weisz 3:01

At what point did you decide I’m going to strike out on my own?