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Craig Ballantyne has helped over 1.5 million people with his Turbulence Training and Home Workout Revolution exercise programs.

He has been a fitness expert to Men’s Health magazine since 2000, and is co-owner of the popular success newsletter,, where they reach hundreds of thousands of people daily with success, fitness, and self-improvement advice.

He is the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:37] Jeremy’s introduction of Craig Ballantyne, founder of Early to Rise and author of The Perfect Day Formula.
  • [1:19] What’s The Golden Ticket?
  • [2:27] Craig’s morning routine after he gets up at 4am.
  • [4:48] How do you come up with new material to write?
  • [7:02] What inspired your interest in health and fitness?
  • [8:25] Craig’s dreams of being in the NHL and how it led him to his career in health/fitness.
  • [9:52] The influence of Craig’s father.
  • [11:38] Some of the unconventional things Craig did.
  • [13:19] Learning discipline and hard work from his parents.
  • [16:50] Craig explains Turbulence Training.
  • [20:43] One of the most memorable transformations with Turbulence Training.
  • [22:18] The 5 pillars of transformation.
  • [34:51] The decision-making process to find his first mentor.
  • [36:29] A breakthrough, courtesy of his coach.
  • [38:24] What led to being the owner of Early to Rise?
  • [41:38] What’s the most rewarding thing about Early to Rise?
  • [45:55] Craig’s connection with Toys for Tots.
  • [46:46] What’s the most challenging thing about Early to Rise?
  • [47:48] How did you have a breakthrough as a manager?
  • [49:14] The evolution of the Perfect Day Formula title?
  • [54:27] Some of the rules Craig lives by.
  • [56:26] The Not To Do List in the book.
  • [58:26] The 3 Most Important Rules.
  • [59:30] What’s been the lowest moment, and how did you push through it?
  • [1:01:44] Dealing with severe anxiety and overcoming it.
  • [1:02:14] One of Craig’s proudest moments.
  • [1:02:58] The inspiration behind The Perfect Day Formula Book and the kit.
  • [1:04:58] What is The Golden Ticket?
  • [1:05:51] Some flaws Craig has discovered when people follow the Perfect Day Formula.
  • [1:08:13] Where to find The Perfect Day Formula and get more information about it.
  • [1:09:11] What else do we need to know about The Perfect Day Formula?

In this episode…

From his morning routine to his dedication to helping others, it’s clear Craig Ballantyne has found his purpose. His focus on health and fitness goes back to his childhood, when Craig dreamed of being a strength and conditioning coach in the NHL. Over time, this passion evolved into a new purpose via a job writing for Men’s Health. In his chat with Jeremy, Craig shares the challenges, triumphs, and some key advice to help you re-focus and find structure in your day.

Craig discusses the inspiration he found at a young age from his hard-working parents. He shares why this helped him understand the value of structure and why it’s so important to find structure in order to create the “perfect life”. Craig talks about his Turbulence Training program and the countless life-changes he’s seen from clients over the years. He also discusses the 5 Pillars of Transformation and why having a deadline is the most important pillar of all.

Craig goes on to give insight into his coach/mentor and why he recommends hiring a coach right away. He talks about some breakthroughs that came from working with his coach, Tom, and how his guidance helped Craig find his way to Early to Rise. He also shares the most rewarding and most challenging things about Early to Rise, and why he values his team more than anything.

In closing, Craig gives insight into some rules he lives by, the “Not To Do List”, and the Perfect Day Formula, Kit, and The Golden Ticket. Craig also shares some obstacles he faced early on, and how he overcame the crippling anxiety from which he suffered. His final piece of advice: creating more structure in your life will actually create more freedom.

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