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Today we have Conor McCluskey Founder of BombBomb an interactive email service provider. Basically, you can make quick and easy personalized videos embedded in an email to wow, friends, family or business relationships.

Conor co-founded a service company in the multi-family housing industry that grew to 60 employees and over 1.7 million dollars of value in just four years.  He is also an owner of a vineyard and winery called “Proper Wines” in Walla Walla, Washington named Best New Winery by Seattle Magazine.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:00] Jeremy introduces his guest, Conor McCluskey.
  • [2:00] Why the name BombBomb? How did it start?
  • [9:00] How BombBomb got its first customer and hired the first employee.
  • [15:30] Doubts along the way.
  • [18:00] Early successful clients that kept Conor and his team going.
  • [21:30] How mobile and Gmail impacted BombBomb.
  • [26:00] Opportunities Conor has had to turn down.
  • [29:30] The latest update that made an impact at BombBomb.
  • [32:30] Building a company culture. Stories about the values!
  • [40:00] Responding to negative user experiences.
  • [42:00] Conor tells a story that celebrates one of BombBomb’s values.
  • [45:00] How the BombBomb team gets the word out through marketing.
  • [49:00] Conor talks about his trip to Kenya and how he’s involved with humanitarian efforts there.
  • [1:01:30] How Conor got connected with the wine industry.
  • [1:06:00] Proper Wines.
  • [1:08:00] How Conor met his business partner.
  • [1:10:00] Why Conor moved to Colorado and how he failed at his first business.  
  • [1:12:30] Where did Conor’s entrepreneurial spirit come from?
  • [1:16:00] Parting thoughts from Conor.

In this episode…

What is the point of company values? Do they really mean something or are they just there for show? Is it even worth it to pay attention to the core values a company says they hold? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from business leader and entrepreneur Conor McCluskey. Conor discusses the core values that glue together the culture at BombBomb this also leads to Conor sharing the meaningful trip he took to Kenya and how that has impacted him personally and professionally. To hear more from Conor and how you can learn from his story of success, make sure to catch this episode!

What do you do when you are bogged down with doubt? How do you fight through those feelings of fear and negativity to build upon the success you know you have in you? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from entrepreneur Conor McCluskey as he opens up about the struggles he has faced as a business leader. Through his ups and downs in business, Conor has been able to keep an optimistic outlook. This goes back to the root of Conor’s personal narrative of hard work and determination. To hear how Conor has dealt with adversity along the way, listen to this episode!

If you were to pick ideal company values what would you include? Would you pick values like integrity, honesty, diversity, and communication? How would you decide which values to hold up as an example? How would you encourage and celebrate those values through the culture of your company? On this episode of Inspired Insider, Conor McCluskey explains why he chose the core values for BombBomb and how he has found creative ways to champion those values through the company culture. To hear more about BombBomb and how Conor has led through meaningful company values, make sure to catch this episode!

Have you ever had an overseas trip that changed your life? Not just a trip that was memorable with beautiful vistas and shared with good company, have you had a LIFE changing experience? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from Conor McCluskey as he describes the trip to Kenya that changed his outlook on life and his ability to support positive changes in the world. Conor’s experience doesn’t just stop with the impact it made on him personally, he has brought a passion for helping others and fueling entrepreneurship in Africa to his company, BombBomb. To hear more about Conor’s trip and what he’s doing to make the world a better place, listen to this episode!

Are you convinced that your business is really worth it? Have you really gone “all in” put it all on the line? What would it mean if your clients and customers knew your story and were convinced that you’d do whatever it takes to make sure your company succeeds? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from business leader Conor McCluskey. Conor has some great stories to tell about the start of his company BombBomb and why he was convinced that what they were building was worth putting everything he had on the line. You don’t want to miss Conor’s inspiring story!

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