Brooks Dame is founder of Proof Eyewear, a fashionable sunglasses brand whose frames are made of sustainable wood. They were featured on hit TV show Sharktank.

Listen to this interview to find out what happened after the Sharktank episode aired and how they grew sales in their business.

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Brooks Dame, the young and energetic founder of Proof Eyewear, a fashionable sunglasses brand that’s committed to doing good in the world through its social business model. They starred on hit TV show sharktank. Seen on faces like snoop dog, beyonce and many more. One of their initiatives is providing sight saving surgery for someone in India for every pair of glasses sold. To top it off, their eyeglass frames are made of sustainable wood.

Proof got its start in a garage in Eagle, Idaho in 2010. The founders, 3 brothers, grew Proof to an internationally known brand that is loved the world over. The roots of Proof begin with the founders’ Grandpa Bud. He opened his small sawmill almost 60 years ago. Despite setbacks, Bud’s small business was able to prosper with a lot of hard work and tenacity; he eventually grew that small sawmill into a nationally recognized company. Bud’s work ethic was instilled in Proof’s founders, they grew up with “sawdust in their veins” working with wood in the mill. They pride themselves on providing original products that are handcrafted from sustainable materials. Proof Eyewear continues to innovate providing a wide variety of products that aren’t just environmentally friendly, but unique and original. Proof-Crafted from the Ground Up.

Proof Eyewear, along with doing good to mother nature by using sustainable materials in products, they also pride themselves in doing good to those around us. A large portion of each sunglass /eyewear sale goes to a charity in India that provides sight–giving cataract surgeries to those in need. There are countless people in need in third world countries, and a little bit of help can go a long way in restoring sight to thousands.

Since they got their start as a company in 2010, they have donated and helped provide relief for the people of India, along with participating in other worthy charitable causes.


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