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Brian Goulet, co-founder of The Goulet Pen Company has found one of the most challenging aspects of his success to be managing anxiety as it relates to his business and his family. He and his wife Rachel run an online retail store focusing on fountain pens, ink, paper, and other tools for the writing enthusiast. They have grown it from a mom-and-pop startup run from their dining room table to a multi-million dollar operation with over 40 team members and a 12,000+sf office/warehouse space.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:11] Introduction to this episode with Brian Goulet.
  • [1:34] The lowest moment Brian has had to push through: Dealing with his own calling and the impact it has on his family.
  • [5:21] One of the proudest moments Brian has experienced.
  • [7:46] How you can connect with Brian.

In this episode…

One of the most difficult aspects of business success is managing the anxiety that can crop up as you are on the road to that success. Brian Goulet shares how he’s navigated that challenge, on this episode of the podcast.

When Brian Goulet was in New York City to be recognized for his success at a large event he discovered that one of the biggest challenges was not the pressure of being with his peers and heroes, but the anxiety it caused in his wife’s life.

The dynamic of balancing business success and the anxiety it can bring is one every entrepreneur will face from time to time. On this episode Brian Goulet shares how he works to keep that balance.

Family is vitally important for every entrepreneur and Brian Goulet, co-founder of Goulet Pen company works hard to keep his family healthy in spite of the pressures that come due to his company’s success. You can hear his story on this episode.

Rachel Goulet, co-founder of Goulet Pen Company is no stranger to business or success. She and her husband Brian have scaled their business incredibly over the past few years. But the anxiety that comes with it has been a challenge. You can hear Brian share their story on this episode.

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