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Bobby Achettu is the Founder and CEO of Accelerated Growth, an accounting, finance, and technology consulting firm based in Chicago. He has grown the organization to 130 team members, leading them to four consecutive appearances on the Inc. 5000 list and partnerships with companies between $3 million and $300 million.

Bobby is the President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s (EO) Chicago chapter. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University, where he teaches the evolution of modern business.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Bobby Achettu became the president of EO Chicago
  • Lessons learned from restructuring a multi-billion dollar bank
  • Insulating your business against external crisis
  • How Accelerated Growth consults their clients (case studies)
  • Why did Bobby quit his career to start Accelerated Growth?
  • Growing the company by hiring the right people
  • How to maintain your company’s culture when you go international

In this episode…

The landscape of business is constantly changing. There are countless factors that influence the business world, whether it be COVID, interest rates, natural disasters, war, etc. When these shocks happen, many companies do not have the mechanisms to insulate them from these events.

On the other hand, when opportunities arise to raise capital or successfully exit, many businesses fail to capitalize on them. They need more infrastructure in accounting, finance, and technology to make the most of these openings. So how do you insulate your business from the effects of external shocks? What are the systems you need to leverage growth opportunities?

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz, featuring the CEO of Accelerated Growth, Bobby Achettu. They discuss lessons from restructuring a multi-billion dollar bank, protecting your business against outside influences, preparing for hyper growth, and more.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz  0:22  

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs leaders today is no different. I am going to introduce today’s guests in a second Bobby Achettu of Accelerated Growth. And this will also go on the Rising Entrepreneurs podcast where we feature amazing entrepreneurs who are in EO which is Entrepreneurs Organization and Bobby is the president of the Chicago chapter. Bobby, I always like to mention other guests people should check out on the podcast, you know, so I’ve had some amazing EO people. Becky Galvez of Candor Threads, Winnie Hart of TwinEngine, Aalap Shah of 1o8 Agency and Zack Wilcox of Fide Freight and many more. So check those out. It’s a treasure trove of information, and stories. And before I introduce Bobby, this episode is brought to you by Rise25 and a Rise25 we help businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 relationships. And how do we do that we help you run your podcast, you know, for me. So essentially, we are an easy button for a company to launch and run your podcast. And for me, probably the number one thing in my life is relationships, I’m always looking at ways to give to my best relationships. And I found no better way to do that than to profile the people in companies I most admire on this planet and fulfill them on my podcast. So if you’ve thought about podcasting, and you have a business, you should if you have questions that You can email us anytime both my business partner John Corcoran, who’s also an EO San Francisco, you can email us we both been doing this for over a decade. So [email protected]. And I’m excited to introduce Bobby Achettu. He’s the CEO of Accelerated Growth. Accelerated Growth is an accounting finance and technology consulting firm based in Chicago. And he’s grown the organization to 130 team members and has led the company to four consecutive appearances on the Inc 5000 list. And in addition, he’s not busy enough. He’s president of EO, Chicago, also an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University, where he teaches on the evolution of modern business And AG partners, with companies who have made it out of their startup phase. And they’re working on their second stage of growth. So it’s typically between 3 million and $300 million in revenue. Bobby, thanks for joining

Bobby Achettu  2:41  

It’s an absolute absolute pleasure, Jeremy, thank you for having me. I am humbled by the list of names that you spoke about earlier. So I’m hoping that I could fill their shoes. You know,

Jeremy Weisz  2:54  

it’s not easy to be a leader and then being a leader among leaders, what made you decide to take on the role of the President of EO at first Chicago?

Bobby Achettu  3:06  

Great question. So there were really two things. So first and foremost, I’ve been a member for eight years. And the Entrepreneurs Organization has absolutely transformed my life, both personally and professionally. The impact that it’s had on my business, it’s very clear from relationships that I’ve built and learnings that I’ve gotten. And then on the personal side, just the life of entrepreneur is a very difficult one, for not just the entrepreneur themselves, but everyone they surround themselves with, right. And so from that perspective, I felt a compelling need to give back to the organization. But the other reason I did it is that what people don’t recognize is being on the board of the entrepreneurs organization, especially here in Chicago, affords you the opportunity to surround yourself with some amazing entrepreneurs, that are extremely passionate about the same organization that you are. And so I think one of the phrases that I heard described, being on the board is, you know, imagine working with a group of people that you would never be able to hire. And ultimately, I get the opportunity to lead a group of people that I would never be able to hire. And what I’m realizing as I go through this presidency, is this may be one of the best teams that I’ve ever worked with in my career. So I’m two months into my presidency. And I’m legitimately starting to think about the fact that I only have 10 months left of this right. And so I’ve been having an absolute blast. You know, it is obviously a lot of work. But it’s something that I’m extremely passionate about and happy to do every day.

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