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Today we have Bedros Keuilian founder of Fit Body Boot Camp International, currently the worlds fastest growing fitness chain and listed as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing businesses. He is one of the go-to people in the fitness industry and I know top people in many industries that seek Bedros’ advice because he has helped so many business owners go from 6 to 7 figures and beyond.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:05] Jeremy introduces his guest, Bedros Keuilian.
  • [2:30] Bedros talks about his book, “Man Up.”
  • [5:30] An anxiety attack that changed Bedros’ life.
  • [9:00] What you’ll get out of “Man Up.”
  • [10:30] Bedros talks about his franchise, Fit Body Bootcamp.
  • [13:00] How Bedros vets potential franchise owners.
  • [17:00] Going against the grain.
  • [20:00] Building a successful product ladder.

In this episode…

What does it mean to “Man Up?” Should you take the term literally or is it getting to a deeper truth about leadership and responsibility? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from Bedros Keuilian as he shares what led him to write about book about manning up. Bedros also dives into how this book will impact leaders, what it took to build his successful franchise, lessons learned from going against the grain, how to build a successful product ladder, and so much more! You don’t want to miss this powerful and motivational episode!

When will you finally “Man up?” Seriously? What will it take for you to stop being complacent and lax about pursuing your dreams and striving for excellence in life and business? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from innovator and entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian. Bedros is on a mission to help leaders like you break through the fog and tap into the energy and focus you need to stay ahead of the competition. Check out the link below to Bedros’ book and all the other helpful resources he’s created so you can reach your fullest potential! Hear more about what it takes to man up on this episode!

What would it mean for you and your team to “Go against the grain?” Could it be the missing piece that might set your company apart from others in the marketplace? On this episode of Inspired Insider, Bedros Keuilian opens up about the lessons he’s learned from going against the grain at certain points in his career. By intentionally going against the grain when he was building his business franchise, Bedros was able to set his company on a clear trajectory of growth and expansion. To hear more about Bedros’ story and other helpful insights, make sure to catch this episode!

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