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Andy Hussong is a highly respected authority in facilitating online joint ventures, and he has been creating endorsed influence for his students and agency clients since 2005. He’s been in the trenches connecting and collaborating with hundreds of entrepreneurs and marketers which has resulted in millions of dollars in profits.

Andy co-founded WebinarCon with Ron Douglas, and he facilitates high-converting webinars launches and affiliate opportunities.

Andy’s proven systems helps experts, authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants expand their own influence by teaming up with other like-minded experts. These collaborations then result in win-win joint venture deals.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Andy Hussong talks about the inspiration behind WebinarCon
  • Andy shares the feedback they received from the WebinarCon live event
  • How Andy facilitates joint venture partnerships through his partner persuasion path
  • Andy explains why he prefers the word endorse versus promote
  • Key metrics to look for when seeking an online joint venture partner
  • Common mistakes people make when reaching out to Joint venture partners
  • Who is a JV Director and what does he do
  • How Andy helps resolve joint venture conflicts
  • How can you make people continue to promote you?
  • How Andy transitioned from being a post office clerk to becoming the leading JV DIrector

In this episode…

If you want your business to succeed quickly online, you need partners—but not just any kind of partner. What you need are strategic partners, those that can drive customer and business traffic to match what your business has to offer. And according to Andy Hussong, the best types of joint venture partnerships are those where you find that you’re not merely promoting each other’s business, you’re endorsing each other’s business.

But what’s the difference between promotion and endorsement in joint venture partnerships? And how do these types of partnerships work online? Are they guaranteed to be successful?

Join Dr. Jeremy Weisz as he interviews Andy Hussong of Endorsed Influence about the secrets of online joint ventures in this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast. They’ll be discussing what an online joint venture entails, key metrics to look out for when seeking an online joint venture partner, how to resolve conflicts in these types of partnerships, and what it takes to make an online joint venture successful. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders, people I really admire for many reasons and I’m really excited to introduce you to today’s guests Andy Hussong and if you don’t know him You should if you don’t know his work, you should You know, I was just Andy I was just on your site and reading through some of the guidelines you have and of the partner persuasion paths. And I think, in my mind, everything in life is a relationship. You know, it comes down to relationships, whether it’s personal, whether it’s business, whether it’s health, and so, I consider you one of the Masters relationships. So one of the people I like look at and look to as a giver. And so if is this part Insider, so I’ll give Andy an official introduction. other episodes you can check out, you know, and I love to hear the challenge stories, some of the low points on the Pipedrive founder, one of the cofounders Urmas. I interviewed him like six years ago. And he talked about that in the same year, he had brain surgery. He got married and he moved from Estonia to the United States, which was a tough year for him. And so he talked about that and at the time, a 10,000 customers and now they have over 100,000 customers. So it’s amazing to see what they’ve done. If this episode is brought to you by and all the work behind the scenes is funded by Rise25, which I cofounded with John Corcoran, and we help businesses launch and run their podcasts so it makes sure they get to talk to their best relationships. They give to their best relationships through a medium like podcasting. So if you have questions about it go to check out more in there’s more of an inspiration behind it which is a legacy piece Andy which is like I consider when I have you on, we’re leaving a legacy for you and for me. And so my grandfather who was a Holocaust survivor, he’s kind of the motivation behind us if you go to the about page on inspired Insider, it is an interview with the Holocaust Holocaust foundation in my grandfather, and that’s kind of the inspiration behind why I think podcasting is so important so but today’s guests and shout out to like biggest givers I am my why consider in the universe to me. Ian Garlic, Lee Richter, Larry Benet, Michael Roderick, and today Andy Hussong highly respected authority in the topics of online joint ventures creating endorsed influence for his students and agency clients since 2005. You know, a pioneer. I mean, I don’t know when the internet came about, but you’ve been doing it for a long time. He’s been in the trenches connecting and collaborating with hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs marketers resulting in millions of dollars in profits for his clients, high converting webinars launches affiliate opportunities. He’s a co founder of WebinarCon with Ron Douglas who have had on I think I had Ron on Andy maybe I don’t even know like seven years ago or something should have have him back on and Anik Singal right and you know, Andy’s proven systems help experts, authors, speakers, you know, speakers, coaches, all of them own influence by teaming up with other like minded experts and you can go to, Andy, thanks for being with me.

Andy Hussong

Right on, man. Jeremy, I appreciate you having me on here. And, you know, first of all, thanks for the kind words, I would have to turn that back to you. You’re one of those really kind individuals to have met over, you know, through my years in the online marketing space, go into live events and I remember us sitting down for probably a couple hours at TNC oh here we go yeah, have a good conversation and and all that so it’s great

Jeremy Weisz

i should have a criterion D only Cubs fans are allowed on the podcast right? Oh, I should

Andy Hussong

have wore my cubs. I gotta have a Cubs hat somewhere. I’ve got a coffee mug over here that cow for that when we’re when

Jeremy Weisz

we’re out of like social distancing. In fact, the games will go to Wrigley Field but yeah, I’m talking about how did WebinarCon come to fruition?

Andy Hussong

Well, that actually. For me, it started about a year and a half ago, oh, almost two years ago, because I started experimenting by putting people together in virtual groups to to collaborate about their JV deals with webinars and helping them come together. People who have webinars come together mastermind and so on, and then ongoing. I saw where Anik had a guest on where He was had somebody at his Lurn Center presenting I think was Ty Cohen. And that’s it was Ty Cohen and had his Kindle cashflow event there. And I reached out to him asking, you know, initially it was about finding out if what it would take to get his learning center to do a live event based around what I was already doing. And at the same time, he responded to me and said, Hey, Ron Douglas is also interested in our this event for the same kind of reason. You guys should chat. And so Ron and I got together talked about it.

Jeremy Weisz

Did you know Ron before then?

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