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Andrew Youderian is the Founder of eCommerceFuel, an amazing community where eCommerce store owners can help each other grow their stores and build deeper relationships. After a few years in the investment banking world, Andrew decided he’d had enough and decided to quit and start his first eCommerce business.

He has sold numerous eCommerce stores over the years, which have collectively generated millions of dollars, and he has experience bootstrapping stores, seven-figure business exits, and SEO community building.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Andrew Youderian talks about the core values in his note card that helps drive the eCommerceFuel Community
  • What is eCommerceFuel Capital and how does it work?
  • Why people join and stay in the eCommerceFuel Community
  • The different threads on the Community that’s helped many eCommerce entrepreneurs
  • Andrew shares why he started eCommerceFuel and the vision he had for it at the beginning
  • Andrew talks about how he built the eCommerceFuel Private Community
  • Andrew discusses the mercenary approach in eCommerce and how dropshipping has evolved through the years
  • If Andrew was to launch a new eCommerce product, what would his criteria for choosing a product be?

In this episode…

Imagine building the world’s largest community of top business owners in your niche. Can you imagine how valuable and helpful that would be? This type of community gives members immediate access to actionable knowledge and helps them build trusting relationships. But there’s only one problem: developing and running a community like this is almost unheard of, especially when you think about how to make it so effective and impactful to its members.

The good news is Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel was able to do just this. And an even better news is that he’s more than excited to share how he built a community of ace eCommerce founders. He says that maintaining a substantial presence online, making connections, and networking will give you the boost you need to get you started. But as in all things, there are a lot more details that you need to be aware of if you want to create a community that will be worth everyone’s while.

On this episode of Inspired Insider, Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks with eCommerceFuel Founder, Andrew Youderian, about what it takes to create a vibrant community for eComm business owners. Andrew also shares the story behind the founding of the eCommerceFuel community, the core values that drive it, and how the community has helped eCommerce brands.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of Inspired where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders. You know Andrew I like to point out some of the past guests I’ve had I had Rudy Morrow and especially in e-commerce because you know if we I will properly introduce you Andrew but your eCommerce Fuel Podcast is awesome. So if you are in e-commerce or thinking about it, check it out. And here’s some of the past guests I’ve had who are in e commerce or interesting to listen to also Rudy Mawer who’s been helping leading brand buying brands like Radio Shack, Pier1, Linens’n’Things. And he talks about how he helps to grow them digitally. Roy Krebs of Natural Stacks. He talks about how he grew the company early on, and how influencers like Tim Ferriss and Dave Asprey, helped shape the company. I think, Andrew out of all my intros, that is the best one out of all my intros. And it wasn’t the intro, the guest, it was a highlight reel. So if you are the first three or four minutes of it, is the best highlight reel I have on any of my my podcast. So check it out, top VCs because Andrew, you have eCommerceFuel Capital going on which we’ll talk about some of the top VCs I’ve had on Ellie Wurtman, who’s introduced me my Craig Weiss in the past year, he talks about how one of his companies hit $5.5 billion market cap after its IPO in another company was acquired for 450 million. And this is you know, we’re talking about COVID times here. Let’s see where it is here. It’s right there. Ellie Wurtman and before I introduce today’s guest, this episode is brought to you by Rise25 at Rise25 we help businesses connect to their dream 100 relationships, collaborative partners, and we help you run your podcast. That’s what we do. We are an easy button for your podcast. And you know, Andrew, I think the same goes for you over the past over a decade. I’ve seen no better way to give to my relationships have people I admire on and spread the word on what they’re doing is having them on my podcast. So check it out. If you thought about starting a podcast, I think you should. And you can check out more information that and today’s guest Andrew Youderian is the Founder of eCommerceFuel, which I mentioned. And after a few years in investment banking world Andrew decided he’d had enough he’s going to quit and start his first e commerce business. He sold numerous ecommerce stores over the years, which have collectively generated millions of dollars and he has got experience bootstrapping stores and seven figures business exits SEO community building. Specifically he’s built this amazing community called eCommerceFuel where eCommerce store owners can help each other grow their stores, but it builds deeper relationships. And Andrew, thanks for joining me.

Andrew Youderian

Yeah, of course. Thanks for kind intro and for having me on.

Jeremy Weisz

Here’s eCommerceFuel. They have a great podcast as well. You could check it out. Andrew, I want to talk about this note card. Okay, so I heard you talk about a note card and their principles that you really live your life from and probably how you build your community. So I wondering if you can share some if not all, I’ll sit here all day and listen to your note card. Okay. What is on this no card.

Andrew Youderian

Yes man, you do your homework. It’s a note card. There’s a guy named a year ago, listening to an interview with with someone and they mentioned Zig Ziglar. And he was like I always heard about people mentioned these names. You’ve heard the name, but you don’t know what they’re doing. I was a

Jeremy Weisz

Zig Ziglar I used to listen to his audio cassette tapes in my car rise and rise to the top or something like that. But

Andrew Youderian

yeah, and he’s got he’s got some good books. And they’re kind of I think he you’d maybe call him an early motivational speaker. And I hate using that term because he’s, it’s, it makes him sound really cheap and kind of, you know, not like he has a lot of substance but he really does. And so anyway got got interested in checked out one or two of his kind of audiobooks, not that they’re really good. And one of the things he has is he’s mentioned, I can’t remember exactly what phrases he put it but having a note card that you read and kind of you read through these things every day for some of the ways you want to act or the habits you want to have. So yeah, I’m happy to share the ones I have this little note card. It’s kind of like right here. And I’m not perfect about reading it every morning but a lot of mornings I will and the ones on there are act of courage and purpose, not fear. Always kind and loving to Annie, my wife, I’m patient with my kids. I’m extremely productive with my time to make time for family, friends and adventures. I refuse to accept having to pick between a rich personal life and business ambitions. I put money to work in ways that make me nervous, but not afraid after trusting my instincts, keep my body in shape at home three times a week, I’m in bed with a good book by 1030. And again, these are aspirational. Because I’m thinking about these and I haven’t made it to bed, good book by like, you know, in a week probably give my friends and family the benefit of the doubt, I honor God and what I say and do. And I’ll make a recent launch, or my work successful and funds through hard work, deep thought and appropriate delegation. So those are those are kind of the ones that I love it

Jeremy Weisz

is that on eCommerceFuel anywhere is not I feel like it should be, you should take a picture of it, and put it on the site or something with the values because really, you are leading this community. And those are your values, right? And you could tell there’s family baked in there, there’s health baked in, there’s business baked in there, but there’s self care baked in there. All those things baked in there. What are the top two hardest for you? on that list?