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Amit Mehta was founder of Boost Software that he grew from zero to 11.6 million dollars within 3 years. He is the author of From Zero to $12million to BUST: Inc 5000 CEO Reveals How to Avoid These 9 Hidden Traps That Can Destroy Your Business.





Amit Mehta, former CEO & Co-founder of Boost® Software, Inc.wrote: From Zero to $12 Million to Bust! Inc 5000 CEO Reveals How to Avoid 9 Hidden Traps that Can Destroy Your Business.
Amit talks about his once fast growing startup and pulls back the curtains on its successes, its failures, and its ultimate demise. He openly shares all of the mistakes and lessons he learned, as he grew his company from zero to $12 million in just a few years.
These lessons include how to: manage cash flow, negotiate contracts, and develop a winning strategy. He even touches on controversial topics, like how to split up equity with a business partner.
Amit Mehta is an author, speaker, blogger, and serial entrepreneur. Not only has Amit driven over $40 million in business through various ventures in the last 10 years, he is also a recognized authority in business and marketing strategy.
He has spoken over a dozen times at industry conferences and seminars, and helped countless individuals achieve success in their own businesses.
In 2008 Amit helped create a training program that detailed his affiliate marketing strategy. This training program inspired and educated over 20,000 students, and brought in over $6 million in revenue.
Amit co-founded Boost Software in 2010. He and his team struggled for 2.5 years to create and launch their flagship product. Once their flagship PC optimizer was launched, Amit took his company to 8-figures a year in revenue, within 18 months.

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