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Amine Khechfe understands the power of customer complains. He cofounded Endicia with Dr. Harry Whitehouse in the 1980’s. Endicia is a leading provider of eCommerce shipping technologies  with more than $12 billion in postage printed. They  help send over 500 million parcels of mail per year and account for over 60% of all online postage printed in the US. They help businesses run their shipping operations by printing shipping labels or online postage right from your desk.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:15] Jeremy’s introduction to this episode’s guest Amine Khechfe.
  • [1:40] The issue of integration: Getting it right for software tools.
  • [5:16] The first integration partners for Endicia.
  • [11:47] How Endicia’s business goes up in times of recession.
  • [13:54] The trends Amine sees in the ecommerce space because of his work with so many sellers.
  • [20:51] How many of Endicia’s features or services came from customer feedback.
  • [25:21] Making decisions about which ideas to implement into the product, when.
  • [27:30] The business models Endicia works with and how they cater to their needs.
  • [31:05] Exciting new features Endicia is working on now.
  • [36:39] College student partnership at Endicia.
  • [41:11] The common issues customers experience that Endicia tries to solve.
  • [46:50] The trade shows and conferences ecommerce business leaders should attend.
  • [51:30] The creation of the Best Holiday Shipping Bootcamp video.
  • [55:32] How Amazon has impacted the Endicia model (Endicia started around the same time).
  • [57:49] Fun facts about Amine.
  • [1:03:21] Lessons Amine has learned from his co-founder, Dr. Harry Whitehouse.
  • [1:06:06] The challenges of having such a huge customer base.
  • [1:13:37] What Endicia learns from its competition and customers over the years.
  • [1:15:51] How to connect with Endicia and Amine.
  • [1:17:23] The lowest and highest moments of the journey.

In this episode…

Nobody in business likes to get customer complaints, but Amine Khechfe sees them as a blessing in disguise. That’s because when a customer is willing to express what they don’t like about your product or service, they are helping you to make it better – if you’ll take the initiative to do so.

On this episode of Inspired Insider Amine Khechfe of Endicia shares how the company and its leadership have learned over their years of shipping experience to listen to customer complaints with an eye not only toward improvement but also toward gaining insight. Customer complaints tell them exactly what the customer’s needs are so the company can up its game and create better products.

If you don’t know how to listen and learn when it comes to customer feedback you’ll wind up becoming cynical and resentful that those using your products appear not to appreciate it… And that’s the entirely wrong approach. The feedback customers provide is a gift to you as a business leader. It’s your window into their souls, into their pain points and needs, which in turn opens the door to the opportunity to increased service and more revenue.

On this episode Amine Khechfe also shares the challenges that come with having such a huge number of customers and how the company has learned to address those challenges as they come up and even predict some of them before they happen. It’s a great episode with tons of insight for ecommerce businesses.

And don’t miss the “Best Holiday Shipping Bootcamp” video the Endicia team has created. In Jeremy’s words, “The video is funny and engaging. It actually makes shipping sexy.” If you can make shipping sexy, you can make anything sexy. Check out the link shared on this episode to see the video for yourself.

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