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The words “healthy” and “bakery” don’t often belong in the same sentence. But Alon Ozery started what is now the  Ozery Bakery with his father in 1996 by scraping together money from family and taking out a business loan. They began in a small 700 square foot sandwich shop in Canada and at that time his brother Guy joined the team. Since then they have grown into a 90,000 sq ft facility supplying grocery store chains and natural food stores all over the US and Canada with their natural products.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:24] Jeremy’s introduction of this episode with Alon Ozery of Ozery Bakery.
  • [1:29] The success Ozery bakery is experiencing now (the “after” story).
  • [6:38] The hiccups experienced in doing a repackaging and rebranding.
  • [13:57] How the Ozery family came up with their unique product ideas.
  • [23:19] Alon’s background, early years, and introduction to business.
  • [26:38] How Alon got the business started, including the fund raising.
  • [35:40] The research and development process the Ozery team has developed.
  • [38:01] The latest popular product: how it was created and marketed.
  • [45:11] Making more interesting products to fuel company growth.
  • [48:48] Getting into Costco, Whole Foods, and other big name chain stores.
  • [1:00:09] Product success stories and the products that didn’t do very well.
  • [1:04:18] A key hire or two that changed the business in positive ways.
  • [1:06:32] The tough times experienced on the way to success.
  • [1:11:23] Alon’s proudest moments.
  • [1:15:40] Supporting marathons, school programs, entrepreneurs, and more.
  • [1:17:04] Lessons learned from working with his father.
  • [1:18:20] Why you need to treat your team members well and how Ozery Bakery does it.

In this episode…

Healthy bakery food is incredibly important to Alon Ozery and his family. That’s why they started their business – Ozery Bakery – and have made a commitment to only use the healthiest, freshest ingredients. On this episode, you’ll hear their fresh bakery success story and many of the challenges they’ve had to overcome to make it big.

It’s one thing to establish a healthy bakery. It’s another thing to spread it worldwide. Now that Alon Ozery and his team at Ozery Bakery have gotten into stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts, the word is spreading all over the globe and their healthy baked goods are getting the attention they deserve. Theirs is an amazing story of success in a very difficult and competitive niche.

You’ve probably not given it a lot of thought but any food production business has a multitude of variables that other businesses don’t have to concern themselves with. The quality of ingredients, freshness, product lifespans, etc. All of those and more make the Ozery Bakery success story even more incredible. You can hear how the Ozery team has created systems and processes to keep things running smoothly, on this episode.

One of the things Alon Ozery cares about most is that his team members are treated well. It’s important to him because he recognizes that they touch every aspect of his healthy bakery products from start to finish – so he wants them to be excited about what they do. One of the ways he can make sure that happens is by providing the employees with benefits that they don’t want to lose – including profit sharing. You can hear how the Ozery Bakery team works together to take care of each other and produce incredible products, on this episode.

It’s been a long, hard climb to success for the Ozery Bakery team. From a 700 sq. ft. location to what is now a 90,000 sq. ft. production facility, they’ve learned a lot of lessons and have built a business they can be proud of. Take the time to listen to this episode of Inspired Insider and you’ll get to hear the inside story of the hard work, dedication, and personal sacrifice that made the family-run business the great success it is today.

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