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AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ads Specialist and Founder of, a LinkedIn Ads-specific ad agency. He has managed over $130 million in ad spend across 400 ad accounts.

AJ is an official LinkedIn Partner, and he hosts The LinkedIn Ads Show podcast which is a top source for news, how-tos, and insights about the LinkedIn Ads platform.

AJ has managed some of the world’s largest LinkedIn Ad accounts, and he’s helped companies like Hired, BambooHR, SpareHire, and many more.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • AJ Wilcox talks about who should be running LinkedIn Ads
  • The elements you need to include in your LinkedIn ads
  • LinkedIn ads use case: what works and what doesn’t
  • The different types of ads on LinkedIn and how they work
  • LinkedIn Ads that converts well and why they do
  • AJ Wilcox shares the latest updates on LinkedIn ads
  • Does your profile optimization affect your LinkedIn ads?
  • How to improve your organic reach on LinkedIn
  • Best practices for manual outreach on LinkedIn

In this episode…

LinkedIn ads are not for every business. They’re one of the most challenging ads mediums to get right because the clicks are expensive. If you don’t know what you’re doing, any mistake you make will be costly. But despite the high price tag on the ads on LinkedIn, getting it right will be beneficial for your purposes. Why? Because the market isn’t flooded and the channel gets to close the largest deals.

So who should be using LinkedIn ads? According to LinkedIn Ads Specialist AJ Wilcox, the key is in the lifetime value of every lead you get from LinkedIn. And if your company qualifies to run and generate ROI from LinkedIn ads, you want to know the types of ads, the structure, and what works and what doesn’t.

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider podcast to catch some of the best LinkedIn hacks to grow your business as Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews LinkedIn Ads Specialist AJ Wilcox. They will also be discussing who should be using LinkedIn Ads, important elements that should be on your ad, and the latest updates on the platform. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here founder of where talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders you know I always suggest AJ the front of the interview check out past episodes. We have a mutual friend Ian Garlic who is an expert at video you should check out but he talked about when his family was opening a restaurant. They had live dolphins so you literally have to watch it episode to hear why they’d live dolphins how they got live dolphins, but it’s just, um you know, the creative entrepreneur finds way to market a business and it’s kind of cool. Also, you could check out I had a interesting interview with one of the cofounders of PipeDrive, Urmas he had brain surgery, got married and moved to Estonia in the same year. And at the time, he was interesting, they had 10,000 paying customers. Now, when I looked at their website, they overall have over 100,000 paying customers. In pipe drive. I actually use pipe drive. I love pipe drive. So check it out, check out the episode, and I love hearing the challenge stories because it’s sometimes a bumpy road, you know. And before I introduce today’s guest, I bet you know anyone who has a b2b business. And it was a business I think, should be using LinkedIn in some capacity, in my opinion, right, AJ? And so I’m gonna introduce AJ in a second. You can see his website I’ve had it on the whole time, B2Linked, right. And so I didn’t realize I was up there, but we will show we’ll go some through some actual case studies, and some actual some ad breakdown on this interview. And so I’m excited about that. But this is brought to you by Rise25. I co founded with my business partner, John Corcoran, and what we do is we help b2b businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 relationships, partnerships clients, and what we do is we help you run your podcasts. Okay, I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, okay, when I don’t even know he like the software that we use at the time. The files are so big. It was crazy. But podcasting has been one of the best things for my business and my life I formed amazing relationships. And so if you have a business just like me, just like he would say, if you have a business, you should be on LinkedIn. And if you have a high enough client lifetime value, you should probably be running LinkedIn ads. That’s how I feel about podcasts and every business should have a podcast. So check out if you have questions, and happy to answer them, okay. Um, today’s guest I’m super excited. AJ Wilcox used to refer like I said, by Ian Garlic of StoryCruise. AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ads Pro. And so if you’re like, I don’t, I know I should probably be doing that. But I’m not sure how that’s where he comes in. He’s a LinkedIn ads pro who founded I’ll bring it up so you can see it right there. And they’re a LinkedIn Ads-specific Ad agency. So B2Linked has managed over $130 million in ad spend across 400 ad accounts. He’s an official LinkedIn Partner hosted LinkedIn ads show podcast, obviously, he knows the power of podcasting. And check that out. He’s managed some of the world’s largest LinkedIn ad accounts, and he’s helped companies like Hired, BambooHR, Clearlink, and many more. So check out his website. Plus he does all this with four kids. Okay, that’s a feat in itself. AJ, thanks for joining me.

AJ Wilcox

Jeremy, thanks so much for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Jeremy Weisz

You know, I’m, I want it will break down we’ll do some breakdown. You know, I have my profile by your profile up, I will look at some ad accounts. But let’s start with who should be running LinkedIn ads.

AJ Wilcox

Yeah, I think it comes down to understanding that LinkedIn ads are inherently just more expensive than other channels. You might pay two to three Read dollars a click for business to business traffic on Facebook, on LinkedIn, you’re probably going to pay eight to $11 a click on average, so significantly more expensive. What that means, though, is you want to have a higher lifetime value or a large deal size at the end of, of your funnel when you’re getting people there, so that you can make sure that you you get a return on your investment. So what we find is if you’re doing anything, you know, lead generation wise, where the lifetime value of your customer is over $15,000 then LinkedIn ads is a total no brainer. If it’s you know, let’s say less than 10,000 it may not be a great channel for you. So yeah, I think that’s the biggest one is like, do you have a large lifetime value? Can you afford LinkedIn clicks?

Jeremy Weisz

Yeah. Which is good and it’s bad. I mean, it’s good because it’s a barrier of entry. If you know someone one has to have their funnel dialed in so something spits out the other side. Right and, and to have it’s expensive than more people aren’t going to flood the market because you’re paying Much more for clicks.

AJ Wilcox

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And we find it. The types of leads who come to you with from search channels like Google ads, Bing, ads, SEO, there are people who know what it is they’re looking for. But you don’t have any way to qualify them. Like, are they at a big enough company to afford my high priced product? Facebook, their b2b targeting isn’t very good. So you get a lot of the same concerns. But with LinkedIn, the targeting is amazing. We can target by specific roles in specific sizes and industries of companies. We can target specific companies by name. And so yeah, we pay a lot for the clicks, but they are exactly the people we want to make sure we get in front of

Jeremy Weisz

walk me through a funnel. So like you’re setting the ads up what elements you think should be included? And then where do you want that going? I don’t know if you want to just talk in general or we could talk about BambooHR for a second because you said you a few things shifted for them that they had more success with?

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