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Today we have Aimy Steadman co-founder of Beatbox Beverages who started the company with Justin Fenchel, Jason Schiek, Dan Singer, and Brad Schultz. They were drawn together by their love for music and the entrepreneurial spirit of Austin, Texas. the founders of Beatbox Beverages set out to make the world’s tastiest portable party punch, and since 2011 have grown into a million dollar company with distribution in Krogers, 7-11, Walmart, HEB, Ralphs and many more all over the country. They were even featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank!

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:20] Jeremy introduces his guest, Aimy Steadman.
  • [3:00] Aimy shares a little bit about her background and childhood.
  • [6:45] How did the idea for Beatbox Beverages come about?
  • [11:20] What was the launch and marketing effort like?
  • [14:45] Amiy talks about the crazy stage of life getting the business off the ground.  
  • [17:30] What was it like getting featured on Shark Tank?
  • [23:30] The struggle of growing too fast.
  • [26:00] How did Aimy and her partners grow the team?
  • [29:00] Aimy talks about the marketing strategy for Beatbox Beverages.
  • [30:30] The impact of utilizing brand ambassadors.
  • [33:00] Which celebrities publicize Beatbox Beverages?
  • [37:30] Expanding and experimenting with different flavors.
  • [41:30] What is Beatbox Mixtape?
  • [44:00] The unique challenges of working in the alcohol industry.
  • [45:45] Putting together a compelling video.
  • [48:00] The lowest moment in business so far.
  • [51:30] Managing stress and keeping a healthy mindset.
  • [53:00] Proud moments on the journey.
  • [55:00] Aimy talks about getting her product into retail stores.

In this episode…

Have you ever struggled to figure out which alcoholic beverage to bring to a party? What if there was an instant crowd-pleasing option at your fingertips? The perfect blend of popular and fruity flavors without having to worry about bottles, cans, and glassware? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from innovator and entrepreneur Aimy Steadman. In her conversation with Jeremy, Aimy opens up about her business – Beatbox Beverages, how she developed this ultimate party punch, what it was like to be featured on Shark Tank, challenges she faced along the way, and much more! You don’t want to miss a minute of this fascinating and engaging episode featuring Aimy and Beatbox Beverages!

Imagine you are in college hanging out with your friends and you decide to start experimenting with different party punch ideas. Then things go so well in your experiments that you decide to see if this idea could get spun into a business idea. This is what happened for Aimy Steadman and her friends at The University of Texas at Austin. Once they decided to take this idea seriously, Aimy and her friends went to work utilizing all the resources that the university had to deploy through their Texas Venture Labs. What can you learn from the origin story of Beatbox Beverages?

In this day and age, it seems that it is every entrepreneur’s dream to appear on the hit TV show, Shark Tank. What would you do if your business got selected to appear on that show? Aimy Steadman and her team were floored to hear that they got the opportunity to pitch their brand, Beatbox Beverages to the sharks. While the process with Shark Tank is multilayered and complicated, Aimy was able to successfully pitch her brand and secure the support of Mark Cuban to the tune of $1 million dollars. What would you do with that type of funding? How can you learn from Aimy’s story and best position your brand for success?

Can you really get too successful too fast? If you ask Aimy Steadman, her answer would be, yes! As her team at Beatbox Beverages worked hard to ramp up for their opportunity to appear on Shark Tank, they were unprepared for the hurdle that they would face when it came to logistics and other challenges. Without missing too much time, Aimy and her team bounced back and learned from the challenges they faced due to their inexperience in the alcoholic beverage industry. Does your business have what it takes to bounce back from setbacks and challenges?

How do you make a splash and stand out in today’s marketplace? Your brand needs to do something to make your product or service pop in the eyes of the public. Aimy Steadman and her team at Beatbox Beverages have developed a robust marketing strategy to engage their clients. They’ve secured celebrity endorsements, created a great brand ambassador program, and they have advertised a video featuring a grandmother going to a music festival! All of these approaches serve to highlight that Aimy and her team are on the cutting edge and fiercely connected to what works with reaching their target audience.

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