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Adam Feldman is the Vice President of Business Development at Kendago B2C Media, a media company that drives massive volumes of high-converting traffic for themselves and their clients.

Kendago owns and sells a direct-to-consumer product called Trim Down Club through which they’ve helped over 2 million customers lose weight and live healthier lives. Their success with Trim Down Club has been the magnet that attracted clients from all over the world who are looking to work with an agency that has a proven track record in running successful PPC and monetization strategies.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Adam Feldman talks about the story behind Kendago’s success.
  • How Adam uses video sales letters to convert cold traffic from media networks.
  • What makes a video sales letter convert cold traffic into buyers?
  • Adam provides an example of a video that created an emotional connection that warmed up the audience.
  • The importance of staying compliant to the policies of media networks.
  • What people should think about when utilizing traffic sources such as Taboola, Outbrain, Google, Youtube, etc. for ads.
  • The risks that come with sharing their strategies on their website.
  • Understanding how funnels converts cold traffic into sales and the kinds of offers that work with audiences.
  • The types of companies that should work with Adam and his company.
  • How can customer service create a positive outcome for an irate customer?
  • Softwares and tools that Adam recommends for internal use and in improving your click-through-rate

In this episode…

How can you turn a traffic that’s gone cold and possibly even drying into a market that’s warm and ready to take what you have to offer?

Kendago started 15 years ago as an affiliate marketing company that utilized video sales letters and other strategies to reach out to their audience and convert them into sales. Theirs is an inspirational success story that started with the launch of their direct-to-consumer product, Trim Down Club. With their proven success and the rising demand for their services in the market, Kendago pivoted recently to offer digital marketing services and are helping brands scale to eight figures and beyond.

Listen to this episode of Inspired Insider as Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks with Adam Feldman of Kendago about how they scale brands to 8 figures, the process of turning cold traffic into buyers, things to consider when utilizing traffic sources to generate leads and sales, and how you can do the same in order to unfold your company’s success story.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz
This is Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of or talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders. You know, this is part of I decided to do an really entrepreneur series because talk about grit and talking about a nation that has so much innovation in startups and amazing things going on you know past guests. Mois Navon, Mobiley I you know talked about when their journey to getting acquired by Intel for $13.2 billion. And what struck me out about him telling that story is he had to take pay cut after pay cut. And just work so long so hard. And he had to go at one point to go back and tell his kids you know, I’m pulling out of all extracurriculars and wife we have no eating out no niceties because of the journey. You know, obviously, an up ended up good but they didn’t know that going going on the journey right. So check out that and many more stories on The episode is brought to you by Rise25 which I co founded my business partner John Corcoran. And what we do is we help b2b businesses connect to their dream 100 clients and referral partners by running their podcast for them and we do that Adam because I’ve seen no better way to give to people you know, I love giving to people and forming relationships with people and I can have people like Adam, who I meet and become friends with and hang out with because and further relationship with and tell people what he’s doing through the podcast and it was actually inspired by my grandfather. And um, I don’t even know if you know the story for many years. You know, I, the Holocaust foundation interviewed my grandfather because he was the only person him and his brother were the only people out of their family to survive the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. And so his legacy lives on. So yeah, like, this is amazing. And Adam has some amazing things to share. But I also consider helping you and me leave a legacy beyond ourselves. And so if you have questions about podcasting, I think it’s the single best thing you could do for your business and relationships go to And today, we have Adam Feldman. We’ve been trying to arrange this forum first for so long. And before I introduce Adam, and their amazing company, I want to thank Justin Goff and Stefan Georgi from Copy Accelerator because I met Adam through there. You know, he is definitely one of the experts that were there talking to people about how you scale brands and how you scale companies with traffic and in all the things involved with with traffic So, Adam, thank you both. Adam Feldman has been with Kendago since its inception since 2012. He heads up business development and many more functions. And basically what they do is they drive large volumes of high converting traffic for themselves and for their clients. Right. What happened was they had this flagship program called Trim Down Club, and it’s retrieved amazing success. They’ve helped over 2 million customers and countries all around the world lose weight and live healthier lives. But what happens at them with that is they were so successful, their own products that people are saying, how can you help me? Right? And that’s what always happens. And they decided probably at some point to give in and be like, okay, we’ll help you. And so businesses all over the world, hire their agencies to run their proven PPC and monetization strategies. And basically, they help scale direct to consumer brands to eight figures or more. And that’s kind of what I titled This is how to scale direct Consumer Direct. consumer brands, day figures or more. So, Adam, thanks for joining me. It’s really time.

Adam Feldman
Yeah. Great to be here. Five 5:20 year guessing early morning. Yeah.

Jeremy Weisz
Even on Memorial Day, I’m like coming in the office because we’ve had such a hard time arranging this. Yeah. And Lisa says, What’s up, Adam? And, you know, why don’t want to start with just talking about the, the story what you guys do and just a little bit about your story?

Adam Feldman
Yeah. So this, the story behind us is really unique and interesting. So we started about 15 years ago, actually, the, you know, from day one. We were founded by two entrepreneurs who are tech wizards or geniuses, engineers, you know, data scientists, and we quickly with them became leaders as affiliates, so super affiliates, monetizing and promoting different leading offers. Let’s say on ClickBank Because we were pretty much with Clickbank when they first started and then working with other companies in the health and wellness niche so we were working with companies like Biotrust exclusively for Google traffic like GDN Google Display Network which is very cold audiences so it takes a unique skill as well as Beyond Diet and also Trim Down Club of course. And we decided to that’s when we kind of decided and said look, let’s actually create Trim Down Clubs. So that was around that stage where look, we were doing great with traffic. We were an affiliate. Everything was great, but we said look, let’s try to bring something else to it instead of just doing traffic. Let’s try to do the marketing and the vendor side. We feel we can do really good there. So we started Trim Down Club about about eight years ago now. Trim Down Club has been running on paid media for as long as it’s since inception, which is about a Yours on Facebook on Google on Tabula on Outbrain, on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube everywhere that there is traffic on tier one. So the best traffic globally, we would run it internally with Kendago with our media teams and creative teams. And we took that like you were saying and acquired over 2.5 million, it’s probably closer to three now for that brand, different funnels, different optimization practices, different strategies creatively and so forth. And that’s been, you know, it was this the biggest piece of what we were doing until recently, so about two years ago, going on three, we started the agency, which is now called Kendago. But before it was called B2cmedia, and we said like, Look, we’re the best vendor in our opinion for digital health and wellness industry. In general, we know how to run traffic the best we’ve never had any other agency outperform us or media buyer for our internal brand. So we said, Why don’t we become an agency? For others, as you said, people were asking for it. They saw all the success from our campaigns for years, and some of our work as an affiliate. So we ended up making that move to becoming an agency. And ever since we’ve been just aiming straight up, it’s just been hyper growth. You know, each quarter I think we’re doubling in revenue at this point. And we went from when we made the switch to becoming an agency. We had about 10 employees at the time. We were always upsizing and then downsizing. But it was it wasn’t balanced. It was just all over the place. When we were an affiliate, as well as a vendor, and then once we became an agency we ended up growing to 60 plus now and that’s even more if you include freelancers and outsource it And by 2021, I’m guessing we’ll be at 100 plus I’m in for an agency, especially a direct to consumer agency, that will put us up there with the biggest, you know, I will that will position us as the biggest, even bigger than most brand agencies. So it’s a huge jump. And we’re ready for the ride.

Jeremy Weisz
Yeah, and I want to dig into the affiliate and Trim Down Club before we get to some of the partners piece but if people are wondering, they could check out Kendago which is k E N D A G O .Com. You know, when you’re running the affiliate traffic, you know, people like oh, wow, they’re getting lots of sales for us. Talk about some of those. Those early on programs that you ran and what you did, yeah, so

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