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I released this interview again because Jordan embodied gratitude and appreciation even when times were tough. It is only fitting to release with the New Year.

The following description was from the original post with Jordan:

Jordan was founder of Molding Box a logistics and transportation company that has grown to a multimillion dollar a year company and has gained several recognitions in the Inc 500. He started it in his mom’s basement in 2006.

He was nominated twice for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year & was the youngest person on Utah Business list of 40 under 40. Listen to this interview to hear how Jordan handled In April 2012 when he was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma and how he looks at Cancer as the best thing that has ever happened to him.




Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:25] Jeremy’s introduction of Jordan Guernsey, founder of MoldingBox.
  • [2:03] A fun fact about Jordan: Ballroom dancing.
  • [3:56] An emotional low point Jordan experienced and how he pushed through it.
  • [6:00] Why cancer was the best thing that ever happened to Jordan.
  • [7:40] One of the proudest moments Jordan has had.
  • [9:08] The decision Jordan made to fire himself from the company he founded.
  • [12:05] The things MoldingBox does to unleash potential in its staff and employees.
  • [14:53] Things Jordan had to peel away from the business in order to make it better for employees.
  • [16:38] The last time Jordan went to the Molding Box office as an employee.
  • [19:32] The things Jordan thinks about when he’s undergoing his cancer treatments.
  • [27:00] The power of a couple of important questions.
  • [28:00] Setting expectation of where the business would go when he stepped down.
  • [31:51] What people should start doing NOW to get past their obstacles and hard times.
  • [35:43] One thing Jordan has implemented from his reading of a great business book.
  • [41:09] Why did Jordan get into the logistics business?
  • [44:04] How Jordan got kicked out of high school and what came of it.

In this episode…

Do you have a hard time getting past the obstacles and difficulties that crop up in life and business?

The inspiration contained in this episode could help you reset your thinking and attitude in a way you never thought possible.

This episode is a tribute to a great person and powerfully successful entrepreneur, Jordan Guernsey. Jordan succumbed to cancer after a long and courageous battle and to this day continues to be an inspiration and source of strength to those who knew or worked with him.

This conversation is one that happened, obviously, before Jordan passed away and Jeremy was able to ask Jordan some very candid and honest questions about his cancer diagnosis, how he handled the news, and what he did to get his mindset in the right place so that he could move forward in his life and his business.

The positive business impact of a cancer diagnosis

Speaking of business, Jordan was founder of Molding Box, a logistics and transportation company that rocked the business world from the get go. He started the company from his mother’s basement and grew it to the point it is today, doing multi-millions of dollars worth of business each year. As you might imagine, cancer threw quite a kink into his plans for the company, but what Jordan discovered and said right up until the day he died, was that cancer was the best thing that happened to him and to his company.

His diagnosis enabled Jordan to get himself out of the way of his company, set a clear and powerful direction for how he envisioned things going on the path ahead, and entrust that vision to the capable team he’d been able to assemble. Those who took his vision and began to implement it did things he never dreamed would be done, and he was immensely pleased with the direction and success the company was able to achieve.

Listen with your heart as much as you do with your mind and you’ll find an undefeated spirit behind the business savvy of Jordan Guernsey, and quite possibly find the strength you need to push past your own personal or business obstacles and make something phenomenal happen in the world.

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