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Dealing with grief is hard enough, but even harder when you are running a busy startup business like Zapier. Wade Foster, co-founder of Zapier discusses his hardest moment on this episode: The loss of his father. Zapier is a software integration tool that enables you to connect your most used apps and software packages to automate an amazing amount of routine tasks. The Zapier team grew the business from 0 to 600,000 users in just 3 years.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:24] Jeremy’s introduction to this episode with Wade Foster of Zapier.
  • [2:00] Wade’s lowest moment in business so far: the death of his father.
  • [5:33] The proudest moments Wade has experienced so far.
  • [6:20] Team experiences that have brought about breakthroughs.
  • [8:00] How you can connect with Wade or Zapier.
  • [8:56] Chrome extensions available through Zapier.

In this episode…

When Zapier – the amazing automation tool that integrates thousands of functions into seamless workflows – was in its beginning stages, co-founder Wade Foster suffered a terrible blow: the unexpected loss of his father. Dealing with grief is hard enough but even harder when you’re in the pressure cooker of a startup. Wade shares what he did to deal with the grief and how the Zapier team helped during that season, on this episode.

How have you found best to deal with the grief of losing a loved one? Wade Foster says that the loss of his father made him appreciate his father even more, which was a helpful balm to his aching soul. The things he noticed about his father in those dark days still speak to him in the way he works and relates to team members and customers. Hear more of Wade’s story on this episode.

Parents are supposed to be inspirations to their kids, even as they become adults. That’s powerfully true for Wade Foster, co-founder of Zapier. His relationship with his father was one of his foundational sources of strength and inspiration – which is why the sudden loss of his father during the early years of Zapier was so hard to bear. You can hear Wade’s story of wading through the grief and pain of loss on this episode.

What would happen if your monotonous tasks could be automated and integrated? Maybe they can be! That’s the reason Zapier exists, to make your mundane and routine tasks a thing you don’t have to think about by causing them to happen automatically. Wade and the team at Zapier are always creating new integrations and “zaps.” You can find out more about the tool and Wade’s part in founding the company on this episode of Inspired Insider.

Zapier is not only a web app, it’s also got many integrated Chrome extensions that make the creation of integrations and workflows that much more easy and powerful. Wade Foster, co-founder of Zapier shares some of his favorite and most used Chrome extensions on this episode.

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