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Today we have a top entrepreneur and business strategist – Vinnie Fisher. Using over ten years experience as a tax and business lawyer he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2007 and since has grown businesses to 7, 8 and 9 figures generating over $300 million in gross revenue for his own companies.   

Just to give you an example He has started 9 locations for adults with disabilities, information publishing, a web hosting company brain host that grossed over $100 million, a website security company site trust, a health supplement company, and is presently Founder and CEO of Fully Accountable, they act as CFO for your company – a done for you back office solution that allows you to make data-driven decisions based on your numbers.

Vinnie is also the Founder of Total CEO, an education company that caters to CEO’s to help them grow and scale their company.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:00] Jeremy introduces his guest, Vinnie Fisher.
  • [3:00] How does Vinnie make time for family?
  • [7:00] Vinnie talks about his daily routine.
  • [12:40] Write out your mission.
  • [15:00] The CEO mindset.
  • [20:00] The three main holes that kill businesses.
  • [26:20] How does that fit?
  • [30:00] The team triangle.
  • [35:00] Should you be focused on growth OR profitability?
  • [38:50] The number one reason people drift off or leave their job.
  • [40:30] How did Vinnie grow affiliates?
  • [48:40] How do you hire the right people?
  • [59:40] Vinnie talks about training and developing team members.
  • [1:08:30] What does Fully Accountable do?
  • [1:14:00] Vinnie talks about going from practicing law to striking out as an entrepreneur.
  • [1:20:30] What did Vinnie want to be when he was younger?
  • [1:24:00] The lowest moment for Vinnie.
  • [1:28:00] The proudest moment for Vinnie.

In this episode…

Every business leader wants a high performing team. There is a whole section of books and studies dedicated to understanding how thriving teams operate and how to replicate those results. Vinnie Fisher is a renowned business leader and team builder. He doesn’t just talk a good game when it comes to building healthy teams, he has the team to prove it. On this episode of Inspired Insider, you will learn about the three main holes that kill businesses, the importance of focusing on profitability, how to hire and train the right people, and so much more!

What are the most common reasons that businesses fail? Industry leader Vinnie Fisher has identified three main holes that kill businesses. Don’t rush through these and think they couldn’t apply to you and your business. Go slow and consider each one. Businesses fail because….

  1. They are in the wrong marketplace or they are selling to the wrong people.
  2. They have the wrong team. They failed to build the right team.  
  3. They ran out of cash.

Take a moment and really consider if ANY of these apply to your company. If you think that one might apply or you are getting closer to one than you’d like, don’t despair! Vinnie has the tools and solutions to help you out. First, take the time to listen to this information rich episode of Inspired Insider. Then, make sure you get the free resources that Vinnie is offering located in the resources section at the end of this post.

Should you be focused on Growth OR Profitability? If you are a business owner, chances are you’ve asked yourself this question on at least one occasion. Which one are you more prone to effort toward? Entrepreneur Vinnie Fisher is convinced that the best route for most companies to take is to focus on profitability. He explains that by focusing on profit and more specifically profit margins – you are able to keep a better eye on how the rest of your company is performing. If you’d like to hear Vinnie expand on this idea and share more powerful lessons from his years in business, listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.

How do you hire and train the right people? What does it take to get the right people and build a high performing team? Vinnie Fisher has established a reputation in the business community of building quality teams. He has learned that one of the keys to building a thriving team is knowing your culture. Every company has a distinct culture and it usually comes from the CEO. Do you know what kind of a culture you are disseminating? If you having a difficult time with personal, it’s likely because you don’t understand your culture and it’s impacting your team. If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to build a healthy team, make sure to catch this episode of Inspired Insider!

What is the primary reason someone leaves a job or their performance tanks? Business leader Vinnie Fisher says it’s because they are dissatisfied with their job. He also shares the three most common reasons for this dissatisfaction.

  1. They don’t know how to do their job.
  2. They don’t know what their job is.
  3. They aren’t trained properly.

The important lesson to learn here is to be absolutely clear as possible with your team members. They need to know exactly what you expect from them and they need metrics for success. This will eventually make your job easier because their performance will improve and there will be a streamlined method for evaluation. Hear more insights and tools you can use to build a high performing team on this episode of Inspired Insider.

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