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Today we have Travis Lee who coFounded 3D Mail Results with his dad Keith Lee in 2007. 3D Mail has helped over 10,000 business owners increase the response and profit using direct mail. They help direct mail marketers increase their return using clutter busting 3D mail products and grabbers.

They have a selection of over  600,000 promotional products you can use to make sure customers or prospects never forget about YOU!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:37] Jeremy’s introduction of Travis Lee, co-founder of 3D Mail Results.
  • [1:26] One of the low points for 3D Mail Results.
  • [4:31] One of the home runs for 3D Mail Results.
  • [7:57] How to find out more about Travis.

In this episode…

For 3D Mail Results, the main focus is on helping businesses increase profits. They understand how to connect with your target and that’s why they have such a stellar track record of success. In today’s chat with Jeremy, Travis discusses one of the biggest home runs for the business, along with a “foul ball” – as well as some key learnings.

What was one of the “foul balls” for 3D Mail Results? Travis shares the story of some work they did for a client who was ready to try something new. They had traditionally done rather “boring” marketing and decided it was time to try something new. Travis and the team worked to put together something edgy and unique, which was exactly what the client was after. Despite their best efforts, the campaign failed spectacularly. The lesson? If something’s working, don’t change it.

What was one of the biggest home runs for 3D Mail Results? With so many clients who have had incredible results, it was tough for Travis to pick just one story to share. He tells us about one of his very first clients – a window washer – who was in need of a campaign to inject some cash flow into the business. The 3D Mail Results team came up with a unique approach to getting repeat business and the company saw extremely positive results. Travis shares how he applied this approach to other clients down the road and saw similarly positive results.

At the end of this short chat, Travis shares how you can access a free book through his site, which shares insight into getting results with direct mail.

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