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Jeremy Weisz 4:45

Okay. There you go.

Shawn Springs 4:48

You can play multiple sports. You know, I told coach Thompson at Georgetown one time and says I probably shouldn’t went to Georgetown, between me and Alabama, sort of but you know, he said Isn’t football

Jeremy Weisz 5:02

exactly Another fun fact is your most people know that your dad played in the NFL for many years but I don’t know if they know that your mom served in the army. And so that’s a fun fact and Donte Whitner 11 year NFL veteran, three time pro bowler eighth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft all American Ohio State, NFL TV analyst with CBS Sports and, yeah, and then, what’s ahead, PBS.

Donte Whitner 5:27

came out of college with CBS now

Jeremy Weisz 5:31

and with CBS Sports and partner and on the athlete advisory board at Kirtland hills, capital M. Donte. Your Fun fact. So, a couple you took the biggest hit of your life and it wasn’t NFL. Okay. And I don’t know most people know this but it age six you were hit by a car chasing after football. I had up to 30 fractures in your legs and they may feel a thought you may never walk back. So what’s up? Yeah, workplace

Donte Whitner 6:01

force, you know, I’m not supposed to walk in sports was you know, not even thought.

Jeremy Weisz 6:06

Yeah, yeah, that’s it was crazy. Also, first career game, you got your first interception and who was interception against people ask Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Exactly. Our right he thought

Donte Whitner 6:22

he had a beat on the route later. I flipped my hands picked it off, ran it back. And guess who flipped another Bobcat named Clemens? Only a game one. So Tom Brady drove down betos

Jeremy Weisz 6:46

cuz you scored a touchdown on interception, right. And they call the

Donte Whitner 6:50

many left in the game right to win it again. They don’t even have to do it. I jumped over the guy anyway, you know, running back instincts kick their main cleverness. And they

Jeremy Weisz 7:02

think he grew up he grew up in Shaker Heights or Cleveland boy. Um, so thank you all for being here. And so what you’re talking about, but I know the biggest thing on your mind is educating athletes in business. So I want to start there. And Donte, why don’t you start with some advice on educating athletes in business?

Donte Whitner 7:27

Well, first and foremost, we have to change the mindset. And until you change the mindset to understand that you’re as the athletes, you have the power, you can never utilize that power. So what I mean by that is the top two people to get the top dealflow at any certain type of business industry, as family offices, athletes, and entertainers. But if you let the middleman and the people that really control the gatekeeper, say, Oh, we control the power, we’re you have to come to us, give us a little bit, and then we’ll give you that will give you an opportunity to enter the door, then we’ll lose every time. So until we change the mindset and start to understand that we can’t even go into the conversation about business so badly is our duty to understand that you hold the power and any company out there that you want to talk to. Right, you can go directly and you can talk to that, right change the mindset. And then once we change the mindset, then we can talk about investing. And I’m really into all three phases, and it goes out to private equity, venture capital and the public markets. And each industry has its highs, and it has this level to have its pitfalls and it has a great day. And you know, I think that’s where we should start.

Jeremy Weisz 8:41

Love it. Tracy, you do you work with a lot of athletes, obviously with the players impact. Talk about educating athletes in business.

Tracy Deforge 8:55

I’ll echo what Donte said, right? It changes the mindset athletes versus focused on their sport and their craft, they are oftentimes blinders. Now they have to right there, they’re encouraged to just focus on what you need to do to get to the next level.

Donte Whitner 9:09

And what I was hoping with that, sorry, Tracy is with the education as you have to find the people in every industry, if you’re an NFL player, your top 1% and your Li give to people in venture capital get to people on private equity get to people in the public markets, this top 1% in their field. Before you even understand that you got to know how to vet these people and understand can you trust them already to top in their industry? So you have to take a step back first and ask these hard questions. And once you figure out who the best in your field is and you can trust out, then you can have the conversation about Okay, how should I invest my money? Where should I put it? and Tracy is one of those people, you can come to her and you can ask her Hey, and she can she’s trustworthy. She understands the industry. He’s been doing it for a long time. These days. She’s one of the people that you can trust. There’s a lot of people out there to attack athletes basically because they know that They’re not sophisticated, and they won’t do the due diligence, right? And they’ll just give them the money. And that’s not the way it should go, we have to answer that first and foremost.

Tracy Deforge 10:09

Absolutely. And that empowerment, as they say, is typically dependent on agents or financial advisors or others that are surrounding themselves with it, they often are set up your delegate handled by someone else, and they really have to take ownership of where their features going to be the same way they did with their sport. They need to have the financial picture.

Donte Whitner 10:30

Anyone when you look into an adventure world, 4% of the company is in a people make up it all 100% of the time. So 96% of people don’t know what they’re talking about. You see, so is this group of people that no one is other group that, like they know they lose you money all the time. So that’s what you need to figure out when it goes to venture out in the public world. Will you invest your money in stocks and bonds? You can invest in the s&p 500 and get 10% over a 10 year span. majority of the people that you get to invest your money they’re returning 5% Why would you pay them one and a half basis points one basis point to underperform something that’s free? So until we understand all of these, these numbers and these these terminal this terminology and what’s going on and the manipulation behind it all, we can’t change it.

Jeremy Weisz 11:23

Shawn, what is some of the advice for you educating athletes in business? I know you, I believe, have a couple patents with with your company. And with Windpact and some doing some cool things. What I’m sure you get a lot of people asking you for advice.

Shawn Springs 11:37

Yeah, well, one of the interesting things is we’re on a topic of mindset, the challenge oftentimes is the athlete is you are told to be hyper focused, you are told to that this is your profession, this is your career, this is what you should be into. And this is really all you should be focused on. But when you think about it, oftentimes as athletes, we have dual roles. So when we’re at work, we’re working then when we go home to where parents are at bat, so part of changing my mindset is, say what the same qualities that make your great athlete dedication, determination, your discipline, your work ethic, now, but the challenge is, how do you switch the hat. And so right now, because I’m supposed to be really focused on my business, I should let my attorneys, my financial planners, those guys do it. But you know what? Let me switch their hat. And sometimes I tell Tracy and Tracy talked about it a few months ago at the oboe conferences. When I’m in doing business, I have the qualities of athletes, but I’m really a tech CEO at this point, right? So So part of it is changing. You’re saying you know what? Now it’s time for me when I was in offseason when I’m looking at deals now I’ve got to think, at the same qualities because I am why I’m approaching 40 matches played for the bears. I’ll play for the Golden State Warriors. But when I when I switched, I had to be an entrepreneur, I need to think about like when Donte say, who are the right people are right sectors are things that I’m interested in. And oftentimes, you know, I think it’s intimidating because at least I feel like it’s too much learning to understand FinTech or crypto or additive manufacturing or robotics or some of the things that are future so they get intimidated and rely on people to say, oh, athletes,

Jeremy Weisz 13:21

everyone, when I when I hear that. Yeah, exactly.

Shawn Springs 13:27

Ask me everyone. So I think part of it is just me just being able to like, change the mindset like an artist say I’m an athlete, but also I need to be able to focus and say, I’m doing this, I’m taking the same principles to making sure that I’m having success, and we’re outwork everybody.

Donte Whitner 13:42

And another thing on a psychological level when it comes to that is when you come into a NFL, NBA MLB. And you’re set up systematically like that. professional athletes, when you come in, and you’re systematically set up like that, you have everybody doing everything for you. This is how they stick their hooks into you to make you feel like you need them, but you have to depend on it. And you can’t do anything without these people. So if you say you’re doing it for your entire career, now your career is transition comms. You don’t know how to do anything for yourself. You don’t know how to think for yourself. And it’s the hardest time in your life is when you transition from a professional sport, to normal society. It’s the toughest thing and once you have all these people what they will tell you and they never allowed to do anything on your own, never allowed you to step outside your comfort zone. Now you’re in trouble. So if you can do this on your plan, and you can like really focus during the offseason, you know, travel to some of these companies in Silicon Valley, reach out to them, send them an email contact on Instagram, Instagram all day anyway. It’s just a bunch of things that go here you can visit you can understand the structure of a company

Shawn Springs 14:52

that doesn’t want to come here. My son watches you So they want you to come at it that they love give you the information to be able to educate you and say it’s cool. And you know that’s a with Beutner from Lubrizol, right, which is top chemical company in the world, it’d be all pumped.

Tracy Deforge 15:13

And I have to say like you guys are the top, top top the brand names on the field, right? But the players impact is all about making sure that our athletes know that they are a brand unto themselves, even if they were the second string, or they play a more extreme sport. Athletes actively play no matter what sport it is, or what level you play at, have those same opportunities, it’s

Jeremy Weisz 15:36

totally, and then I want to on that topic, talk about some advice from mentors in business or in sports and, and Shawn, we’ll start with you, because there’s two that stick out for me, for you, which is your dad, your dad probably planted that seed of his life after sports, you know, there is a shelf life of a typical NFL player. It’s not like oh, I mean, I you guys played for many seasons. But that’s not normal, right? I mean, normal, what is like three or four year? I don’t know what the average is. But what did your dad tell you, Shawn, about what you should be preparing for even while you’re starting your career.

Shawn Springs 16:15

You know, my dad, you absolutely right was a big influence in my life. And he was just like, football is a platform, and you have this window of time where you get you get a mass, a lot of money, but always be thinking about, oh, this is not the end all be off for you at some point that that will end you’re still going pretty young man. And one of the things he’s encouraged me to do is kind of what Donte is talking about is people invite business leaders to your suite. So I would have like Washington Mutual, or some hot industry, and they would want to count the game and bring the kids down, they want to meet never shake their hand. So that would ask some questions. So one of the things that my dad challenged me to do is develop ties in the community, whether it’s Seattle, Washington, DC, or Galena, start to know who those people are. Because if you develop a relationship now and when they want to talk to you guys from you can call and pick up the phone. When you you know, you need some advice. Hey, I’m a mom, I’m a yak CEO, I’m starting this company, and we call him Webpack. Hey, how do you how do you think about pie? How do you think about these type of boys? How do you think about that, and I have a network of CEOs and leaders and I call it from Keith one Bell, who was number two ads, as control ran Harley Davidson to Mike Mulligan, who was a global president of rising sales, you know, around like, billions of dollars from the horizon. And all these people have experienced and both Donte and I can tell you, you know, when you find a good coach, but if you have a good coach, and those guys are your coaches, you got to be able to lean on that network. And and our recipes to Paul Allen, he was you know, Mr. Allen, who was the Seahawks, who was his first draft pick, you know, most people know what Mr. Allen has found in Microsoft both days. But he’s a great mentor of mine, he was telling me about data and technology 9798 back in Seattle, you know, circling for us today, right? You know that that’s who inspired me to be in the tech.

Donte Whitner 18:20

But to be able to reach out to these people, you have to drop your ego. This is somebody without an ego, a lot of athletes beat on it. I guess I’m a little money, I think I’m like, man, I don’t want to reach out to these people. Because I don’t have to bribe anyone a door shadow you and you want to reach out and our talk to you dance, it was about dropping your ego understanding where you are now being able to see around the corner and reach out to a lot of these companies and put yourself in position for when you when you transform into something

Shawn Springs 18:49

that, you know, how do you think that you were able to do like, because it was a company you were interested in because people always ask me, you know what type of companies and I was just like talking for me. It was like companies I like, Oh, yeah, you guys do that.

Donte Whitner 19:04

There’s somebody that just wanted to learn everything. So it was like, not even those a company ally or want to be involved, what it’s like how you do what you do. Can you tell me how you do this, but a lot of people are afraid to be like, Hey, can you tell me how you did that? They’ll just speculate or perceive in any way they want. But they will never act like that’s how I was just like even in Buffalo, Buffalo, New York to work with the police for that day. Oh, and he will go into every company in the community and say, Hey, Mark, similar to what you did. And then when I met James Bible, Brian and Randy Carver Bible Brian used to own the booklet. You tell me how you did that with the real estate and I think it was worth it the book so my son for us that they owned it, as you know, they lost the sort of Russian owner and he sold it but I asked all these people questions all the time. Like how did you do that? And most of the time is like oh, I was poor, and I paid for As I’m writing, I persevered, and this is what I did. Okay, let me take a note.

Tracy Deforge 20:04

That extra accent is vulnerability, right and asking questions, dropping the ego to say you don’t know what you don’t know. And you have to be able to ask and not be so full of yourself at any point in time that you’re not curious to know. And I think that’s sort of the environment that we try to foster is that everyone has similar stories right? He did the same thing. So how do we encourage her to do that and not feeling like it’s an unsafe environment and then to expose themselves for not knowing certainly,

Shawn Springs 20:38

and I think it’s changing you know, I will be able to get the NBA guys I think they’re probably about five to 10 years ahead. But I think it’s changing this you know, back like 20 years ago, you asked me one of my favorite football moves Wildcat

Jeremy Weisz 20:54

I love that movie. Okay,

Shawn Springs 20:56

but you know, there was always the stigma of athlete in the movie not being sparked. Except the quarterback. He always had a pretty cheerleader but you know, and now you see these guys, these brothers Steph, Carrie, Katie Brock, I mean those are the big names you know about it, but it’s not $1 who’s an animal on Chris Bosh? I mean, and I’m starting to see you know, Ryan nice that next play capitalize it so fast. Now that I know Donte this guy’s Malcolm Jenkins Malcolm Jenkins stated you’re starting to see these guys now so you know what we are is blowing my mind people’s like yeah, material scientists you have like scientists how do you how did you even get in that space? Well, you would have best luck with that they say oh, you’re in a world that does modeling and simulation everything in the worlds can be physical anyway so why can I work with you? And but you know, it takes a little homework it takes being able to see that and ask questions and pump yourself to

Donte Whitner 22:02

people that I feel so much testosterone floating around I guess and you’re always going to be always competing with so much testosterone and it’s hard to break from that that to saying Okay, I’m going to humble myself and I’m not gonna walk around here acro macho so I have a lot of empathy for him as well. Yeah goes for so Donte Yeah, you know, like again

It took a while like you have to really read yourself and that’s why helps you get to this point where you can understand ask questions.

Tracy Deforge 22:48

And it also doesn’t have to be a firehose of information. Think about little tiny devices Yes, education micro learning experiencing different things can be over a period of

Donte Whitner 23:01

maybe look one more thing guys out there really aren’t interested yet. If you look where all the money is in the world, right now is in venture and private equity. And that’s where is that you look you see Google you see Microsoft you see Nike is really a technology company now as well all the top companies on technology base now so it’s time to get on board you way more you make way more money doing this than you do playing basketball or football or any sport Yeah, but

Shawn Springs 23:29

people don’t like well financed the risk is much higher than this. So so you have to be wary of that. So that’s why sometimes you do have to be really interesting to play as impactful. And you got to make sure that you’re with the smart people, but we we never have access to it. So I will say that the world is changing, you know and it’s gonna be people like yourself, you know myself as entrepreneur, I can tell you right now, hey, information age has come in additive manufacturing is king if you look at all these stats to look at on desktop auto edge, all these billion dollar companies, they come into additive space. Why is that so important? Well, they’re restructuring you know, they try to put people how so Mar so I’ll say Hey, man, and 20 years are gonna be pronounced as on March. In fact, I was at Carnegie Mellon old school, they print ornate, like it’s 3d printers, this type of stuff. And then the entrepreneurs like I mean, it, he’s a VC money got back on that because

Donte Whitner 24:29

it is risky. That’s why you have to face global markets, we’re producing dividends that pay your bills. Once you have that set, you have your bill set, you can take more risk going up the ladder, you can get into venture capital and private equity. You can take 5% of your net worth and say okay, I might make 2030 Maxi, let me have a plain white so sad to see these different companies and spread around but yeah, once you have that base, this is a risky asset class. So again, you play with that, but you have that base set forth. Yeah.

Jeremy Weisz 24:59

I love it. He said about ego vulnerability and then Donte with obviously diversification, I’d love to hear it down to your mentors. You know, you mentioned Shawn Paul and your dad Donte, who are some of your mentors in business or and in in sports with that transition.

Donte Whitner 25:15

Well, James loved are my partner I put on those capital. A lot of these things we’ve learned over the last five years, we’ve been through the ups and downs and the manipulation trails of VC companies and private equity firms that Miss language and contract. So I would say first and foremost, James look are and then I would say, Randy farmer, he has Randy Arbor, financial, he’s one of the top in Ohio and he has 1.7 billion assets under management by Mr. Bryant, husband and wife used to own the Brooklyn Nets. So these are people that I talk to on a constant basis, I hear in different industries, and I can go to them and I can ask them to send them a message like, how did you do that? Right? How did you do this? Like, what were you thinking when you bought this community in April? So what were you thinking what you did to me? Right? So he sort of didn’t want to ask questions for and I always felt like I wanted to ask for some for people that didn’t look like me and didn’t talk like me. A lot of times when we come from our communities we come from, we get so caught up in, okay, I’m just gonna keep it real keep all the same people around forever. Well, I don’t think that’s necessarily growth. It’s not necessarily grow. Because if you’re not around people that don’t look like you come from the same community as you speak, like, you probably have the same knowledge level, you’re never going to learn anything. Right? So we need to get out of that at all. These all day,

Shawn Springs 26:50

has to go out the window. Well, let me ask you this Donte cuz I know a lot of guys that I play with, you know, said, Well, I’m, I’m just okay, just pulling my 10% of s&p five. So I always ask myself, How the hell that I wouldn’t being a tech? Why you know what? I mean, that’s part of it, too. I think, you know, part of it is, you have to know yourself, right? Like, are you comfortable with that yet? ASL is a reason. And you know, and I’m not gonna discredit none of this conversation. But it’s a reason why that’s a different type of ad. And I know this

Tracy Deforge 27:33

conversation because oftentimes, you said it, athletes possess the qualities to be an entrepreneur, grit determination did not get to where you were, because you didn’t have that. But just because you share those qualities and characteristics doesn’t mean you should be and you’ve got to know yourself, all of it. So you’re going to draw towards something that you don’t have to ask these questions. And that’s really important because I think that’s what we’re seeing a lot. I should be an entrepreneur and you don’t have the right coaching the right infrastructure, the right ideas to bring to fruition. And that’s a you got to know yourself, Know yourself.

Jeremy Weisz 28:14

Tracy for you. And by the way that I love that, that it just as an interviewer in general, just going to someone says, How did you do that people want to help. And I remember when I interviewed the co founder of Pixar, I asked him, like, how’d you do? He went on for 30 minutes of like, the most fascinating stories in the world, you know? So you ask someone that question and just go just with vulnerability without an ego, and ask them if people want to share their story and what they did. So I love that. That’s so powerful.

Donte Whitner 28:50

And if you tilt your head slightly to the left or right, they’ll continue to talk. Yeah, not every once in a while you just slightly continue.

Jeremy Weisz 28:59

I love it. Tracy, what about you are mentors for you in business?

Tracy Deforge 29:06

That’s a great question.

Shawn Springs 29:08

Exactly. Besides song springs.

Tracy Deforge 29:17

I guess I was fortunate enough to take the role of the National Hockey League right out of law school and working with some of the best one percenters. The best law schools to work at the elite level really took me under their wing teaching our business side, which really helped my self my self discovery but know yourself and when I started working at that’s when I figured with the brilliance of Bob and get that started that company we started, you know, brand and budget, unlike most startups, but we were building something for nothing and that’s what I learned more about myself. Loving match tomorrow journey building accepted for nothing. So I would say those This experience has really helped shape where we are today so I’m a second degree black belt

Jeremy Weisz 30:13

ah I love that um I know we have a little bit of time left so I just wanted to kind of end on this which is maybe a quick high and a quick low in business because even in whether it’s sports or business people only see the high they see you you know in the end zone they see you with the interception they don’t see all of the grid and all the practice that it took to get there and some of the low points so I love the talk Have you each just talk about a quick high in a quick low because there’s a flip side to to this. So Shawn, do you want to start with won’t be a high point and any low point

Shawn Springs 30:57

um well I will tell you as entrepreneur there’s a lot of opportunity a lot of low points. Pick one maybe, maybe a high point is for me it’s just the fact that it feels good dB. Excel but you know, when you see a product on the market, right for example, we had a catcher’s mask and then let’s try that that’s a high point because you actually are that product was worked on what evil Sheldon Wilson was in Olympics was this girl softball and it was more cool because it is a cool product and to save lives but we’ve been working with companies like Hewlett Packard so high to a low for me is some of the learning curve when you hire the wrong employee sometimes and you you know it’s hard when you’re trying to build a team and then you might have a lot of team member belousov you know, it’s it’s one of those things where you know, that’s always hard in business like how do you make sure you have the right team because and then Donte following elaborate on more that’s athletes we expect much more than what they’re right. worlds that do right because we are brothers and we will work and we will work. But that’s not always the case is not everybody shows shares that same type of work ethic and value that we see. So sometimes it’s the challenge in a new CEO is hiring the right.

Jeremy Weisz 32:26

Yeah, that’s awesome. Donte, what about you? Hey,

Donte Whitner 32:29

uh, pretty much the journey, the journey time value money and the understanding of it and some things that I used to do like listen when I first got ELeague I was 20 years old. So when they handed me a few million dollars like man I’m already I’m Oh by jury, I will get multiple houses that will do whatever, right but then when you go on this journey, and you start to understand the time value of money, how much you can possibly waste you start that fast and you start to see deals mature, mature, and you get into For example, we have a deal with trading coffee right now we got in at 1.2 million, it’s worth 32 million now within nine months right? To where you start to understand like hey, I probably would have spent that money doing something over a couple months now I put it here and look what can happen right? So that’s it for me that’s the highs and the journey and then teaching guys along the way. Just even somebody in Cleveland looks around like Hey, s&p 500 you put 5000 in there for next 20 years you’d be like what so that’s the fulfillment that I get. It’s a journey and that’s the highs like hey, along the row you learn these things you changed it and look at this here. The lows is probably the opposite end of that the things that I used to do and the money that I’ve blown fooling around before I understood all of it so I will say that’s the blows of the industry and in a lot of guys come into the league and they’re thinking that because they’re actually competing with everybody around them. And you’ll see and looking at the music videos or in the rap songs and you think that this is actually where the money is supposed to go this is what makes you cool. But like nipsey hussle said when you get the money you want to feel the thrust you want to feel the texture you want to feel the drop Tabriz you want to feel successful well without break that down he’s basically saying that you’re already successful when you get the money don’t go out trying to impress everybody else they don’t have it that you have it and lose it. So that’s it for me just a journey of understanding that the high and the low it at best, the best for me.

Jeremy Weisz 34:27

I love that Donte have your money work for you. Thank you and have it grow?

Donte Whitner 34:33


Jeremy Weisz 34:34

What? So Donte sticking on that? stick on that for one second out of the purchase that you made the younger version of you what purchased you remember that you just shake your head out like I cannot believe I actually

Donte Whitner 34:54

probably had $1 million worth of journey. But it was good quality like I got, you know, a good percentage back. And that’s the thing, you’re not going to get all of it back, you might get 40% back. So a lot of watch at these guys are buying and after market input diamonds and you’re losing your money, you better stop. When you need that and you’re going to sell it, you’re going to get 20% to 25% of the value, you’re going to be upset. So you might as well not buy it now.

Shawn Springs 35:20

And you know as soon as you lean in you’re watching me immensely better. That’s what that’s what

Donte Whitner 35:31

saved me with that was I was playing for the Buffalo Bills. We were playing at Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Somebody broke in my house and stole it off. Wow, I had insurance on it. So I got my money back. Right. So you know, I understood it like, don’t do that again. Go watch it. You okay? Right. So that’s the only thing that saved me a lot of people that don’t get that lucky. Wow. No one told me I’m more of a risk off obviously a winner. They might have did you a favor with her? Like you know, whatever to you. Right?

Jeremy Weisz 36:00

Tracy, what about you?

Tracy Deforge 36:02

I think minor similar on the journey side, I think more say like current day. Hey, too old to go back to old. You This is a high for me to be here with these guys having this conversation around mindset changes for athletes. We started the players back four years ago. And as an entrepreneur, you’re told no, no, no, no, no, no, you can’t do it. That’s not going to work. That’s not going to work. So the resilience to get through all of those knows when you believe in something. You believe in yourself. First and foremost, if you believe in what you’re doing. This is a high because four years later, we’re having this conversation, the the 10 year 30. In blender, NFL veterans, they have a different category that they are able to play with as far as that risky asset class, right, which really democratizing opportunities to female ice hockey, Olympians, the soccer players with all their pay inequality conversations we’re having these days, they’re able to participate and get access to the same high profile tools, and much smaller dollar amounts. And when those women and these athletes get success returns in two years, and we’re seeing that, that generational growth, a generational wealth start to grow with that. That’s a game changer. And I feel really proud about where we were we and the athletes lives that we’ve impacted in that way to help them and to learn that they can participate in this ecosystem.

Donte Whitner 37:39

You want to learn about course, a beneficiary walk business book that talks about perseverance, how many times he was told how many times you almost like, back round, see what happens. So that’s the thing. And that’s the beauty of perseverance and continue to persevere, persevere, persevere, eventually it clicks, and then you take all

Shawn Springs 37:57

the less hard work because usually that person’s doing so you know, like you said earlier people tell their story. Poor. Yeah, like sometimes. I mean, it’s personal finances is hard, man. But, you know, like my mom and my background, my dad played NFL, but at that time, like I added that will live. I live in southeast DC and my own part of time, but, you know, the Cowboys want to make that type of money that we’re making today, but, and then I live with my dad and I had a decent life. But for the most part, you know, you get that grit and grit. And so perseverance is something like you go back to knowing yourself. You’re gonna play in this game, you’re gonna have that type of perseverance.

Jeremy Weisz 38:50

Yeah, and Donte, I love what you said about the Walt Disney thing is because people don’t see they see the, you know, Disney World, they see all of that, but they don’t see the time that they bet they’re, you know, life savings on a character or that they were up, you know, 23 hours straight working on something. So we don’t see that.

Donte Whitner 39:11

And Elon Musk, when you read his book, everything that he went through to get where he is and trying to sell to Apple on the brink of going bankrupt, stand up 24 or 48 hours sending rockets to the middle of the desert, and it costs you $330 million, and you run it lower your budget, right? People don’t see those things. They really don’t take the time to read those things. They think he just woke up and was an overnight success and never happens like that.

Jeremy Weisz 39:39

I want each of you to point people towards where they can learn more. Tracy, why don’t we start with you in the players impact Where should people go online and to learn more?

Tracy Deforge 39:49

World Wide Web I mean, I welcome any conversation with folks that are interested in what we do and so start Cool

Jeremy Weisz 40:01

Donte What about you?

Donte Whitner 40:02

Whoa from bench first book is respawn Angel I forget the name of Allah Allah shango I think it’s gonna come to me it’s gonna take a long time

Shawn Springs 40:14

oh you’re just talking about something that people could just learn more

Jeremy Weisz 40:19

yeah that’s right no yeah no it’s perfectly I want people to check out what you guys are working on now so what website they could learn more

Shawn Springs 40:29 for my and we actually go into the rebranding of our website but you know you have any questions I tell people hit me on LinkedIn I take all buses and talk to people yeah lay out eventually get there

Donte Whitner 40:46

and for awesome so when you find out everything that we’re doing with teaching athletes dividend growth and how the truly wealthy people do their body the rule of 72 right how every four years you’re double the dividend income every seven years you’ll double a principle so the athletes understand this and the public markets you won’t see you guys going bro so if you just keep your bills under what your dividends are pants going to tell you every four years if you don’t have more meals, you get more income and you’re set for life. So that’s what people understand. So a lot of families at Walmart and all these Whirlpool vanik it’s not a great money, they put it in the same stocks or percent of the stocks which are 96% they get the dividend and they flip the principal and they don’t touch it they don’t want to say first of all,

Jeremy Weisz 41:40

I want to be the first one to thank all of you everyone check out check out CHECK OUT and thank you all.