Chris Dreyer

Hey guys, my name is Chris Dreyer. I’m the CEO and Founder of where we help elite personal injury attorneys dominate first page rankings. The top three books I recommend for customer service and business relationships and partnerships. I’d say number one is Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman. It’s a great book about you know, worrying about all the processes from when you first talk to a client till they’re an existing client to making them into an evangelist. The onboarding experience there’s a lot of good nuggets there. Another great book The Art of client Service, and then a third book kind of an old school Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People. And number three, a few people I highly respect for business relationships. So in my space digital agency space Karl Sakas he’s he’s my executive coach. he’s a he’s a beast. He is very organized process organized very knowledgeable about what it takes to scale a digital agency. also work with Jason Swenk. Jason Swank runs an incredible mastermind he has you know segment and channels just there’s tons of access by working with him. He’s just a great guy to work with to help. He’s also just phenomenal and instrumental and helping grow my business.

Ian Garlic

Ian Garlic here. Ian not in Garlic like the spice and I’m the Founder of where you can find the latest video strategies from the experts in the industry. We just did the Giants of Video Summit on StoryCrews not like a cruise ship you also can find a directory of videographers and editors near you that are trained in marketing. And you can go to it’s free to use there’s a ton of awesome video marketing information. Top three books for customer service. Number one Joey Coleman’s Never Lose a Customer Again, probably the best book out there for customer service. You can really increase your profits by reading this book, Be Our Guest The Disney Customer Service Methodology. I feel like I’m under the gun with this little timer here. And then I’m Setting The Table by Danny Meyer. Absolutely incredible business and customer service book. Three people for amazing at building relationships and our incredible givers. My friend Tony Grebmeier of ShipOffers one of the nicest people out there most giving people out. They’re really great at building relationships. And he has an amazing podcast too Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 probably one of the best people for networking and really creating solid relationships. And then my friend Jeff had said, you know, he’s incredible at these JV partnerships but connecting people bringing the right people in the room together I would say those are my three big relationship builders and givers out there. Yeah, Ian Garlic.

Joel Weldon

Hi, I’m Joel Weldon. Most likely the oldest guest you’re going to hear on a podcast. Actually, I’m so old. My social security number is five. Did you just laugh? Well, good. That means I’ve gotten your attention. Now I can continue telling you what it is I do. I coach successful people on how to be even more effective speakers and communicators. My website is www. or email me at [email protected] For over 45 years I’ve been a Hall of Fame professional speaker with well over 3000 paid Doc’s plus I have personally coached and critiqued well over 10,000 speakers. Here are three basic beliefs that can help you become an even better speaker and communicator. Number one, speaking effectively is a learned skill. Number two, be yourself be you and when you can grow it you can relax and number three is little tweaks that get you big results. That’s how simple we make effective speaking. Reading is important too. So I’d recommend Younger Next Year by Crowley and Lodge subtitle live strong and fit and sexy until you’re 80 and beyond. That’s why as I approach 80, I’m still working full time a competitive slalom water skier, and sky skier for a person in business that I admire and respect. Coach John Wooden. He died at age 99, after a legendary career as basketball coach at UCLA, read every one of his books, and then you can go out and make it a great day.

Joey Coleman

I am super excited to be on the InspiredInsider series with you. My name is Joey Coleman, then you can find me at I teach companies how to keep their customers. And when it comes to great customer experience books, there are three that I’d like to recommend that aren’t traditionally thought of as customer experience books per se, but I think offers some incredibly valuable insights and wisdom for you. The first one is called The Membership Economy by Robbie Baxter. It’s all about how increasingly your customers are looking to be in a long term relationship with you. They want to consider themselves part of a membership that you run, and what can you do to design these type of interactions in your business. The second one is called Attention Pays. By the incomparable Neen James, this fantastic book, as alluded to by the title is all about how focusing and paying attention to your customers can lead to great relationships and a fantastic increase in your bottom line. The last one is an oldie but a goodie. It’s called lovemarks. And it’s by Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi advertising company. This book is all about how do you create a brand that people will love and want to be an ongoing relationship with. Now when it comes to some people who I highly respect, in the space of customer experience, customer service and forging better relationships, a couple come to mind, Matthew Bertulli and Brad Pedersen at the fantastic Pela Case. It’s a Canadian company that’s all about sustainability solutions for a throwaway society. They’re absolutely wonderful and how they create connection with their customers. JOHN Ruhlin, the CEO of Giftology, a company that’s all about strategic appreciation, and how you can build connection with your customers. And last but not least, Ethan Beute, the Chief Evangelist at BombBomb.

Mike Roderick

Hi, everybody, this is Mike Roderick, from Small Pond Enterprises. My website is and I’m excited to do this inspiredInsider series. So in terms of books that I highly recommend, start with Adam Grant’s Give and Take really wonderful book to help you think about your own process of giving and asking, then Never Eat Alone, by Tahl Roz and Keith Ferrazzi. Both really, really, really great guys, and very, very excellent material. And then the final book that I would recommend is the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People. I just think there’s so much there in terms of psychology, in regards to the people that I highly respect in this space. First, of course, would be Dorie Clark, author of Standout and Reinventing you. She has a lot of wonderful, wonderful material and is also just a great connector as well as Robbie Samuels, who also writes a lot on relationship building, but it’s doing some really cool stuff in the zoom side of things, really teaching people about the technology. And then finally, I would go with Jeff Madoff, who just recently wrote a book called Creative Careers. And he’s just always really been wonderful in terms of connecting people, and helping, helping support people and sort of bring them bring them together for all sorts of different creative ventures. So thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the couple of ideas I have and hope everybody is doing well.Thanks.

Vinnie Fisher

Hi, everybody, Vinnie Fisher, here, the CEO and Founder of Fully Accountable, Fully Accountable is a fractional, CFO, an e-commerce accounting company for e commerce, tech and digital companies throughout North America. We provide that entire back office, we help you run and operate like a profit center, so that you can actually truly keep more of the money that you make, and not just have some type of, so to seek bookkeeping service, you can find out more about us at So I was asked about like my three favorite books, and I figured I’d show you like from a standpoint of business relationship stuff. I’m in a phase of my life where I’m building companies, teams, multiple operations. And so I think always about acquisition the customer. So one of my favorite reads, is Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller. So I would highly recommend that book, probably a go to book for me all the time, especially right now with kind of the activities of being a CEO. I have a wartime CEO mindset. And so I would love The Hard Thing About Hard Things. And this is by Ben Horowitz. And then because I only have it in digital format, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, these three books from a leadership perspective are excellent. One of them, of course, is really from acquiring the customer. And the other two are more for company expansion stuff. And finally, you know, I think your network is a critical component to the growth of your company. And you know, when I think about who I do business with and collaborate with the people in charge of Rise25 and Dr. Jeremy Weisz, and John Corcoran are two guys right at the top of the list. But I would also throw in Roland Frasier and Ed O’keefe has two people and I collaborate with on a regular basis.

Jeff Garnett.

Hey, everyone, my name is Jeff Garnett. I’m the owner of Clean Slate Laser Tattoo Removal Centers, where a regional chain of tattoo removal clinics in New York, New Jersey, we have six locations and remove several thousands of tattoos every year. Our website is As far as books are, you know, preferred business books this year, I think the one that really spoke to me the best was Bottleneck Breakthrough by Josh Long. Josh does an amazing job at looking at kind of the pain points, as companies are growing from a solopreneur ship to a small business and go from 500,000 a year to a million a year to two or 3 million a year, 5 million a year and 10 million a year. There were definitely some struggling points that I was dealing with that I felt were unique to my business. But after reading his book, it felt like he was speaking directly to me. And not only were his suggestions extremely helpful, but they also it was comforting to know that it wasn’t just me, and that I’m just out of my mind and that these were very common, struggling points that businesses my size had as far as a customer service story. years ago, I was at a fancy restaurant in New York called Per Se. I was working in the financial industry and I was entertaining clients and I went there with my wife and a client and his wife and my wife like the French macaroons. They must have taken note of it and put it in the CRM. Because six months later, I came back with clients without my wife. And at the end of the dinner, they brought me a bag of French macaroons and said we remember that your wife loved these list times. It made me look like a star when I got home. And it was so impressive. I’ll never forget it. Use your CRM notes. It helps take care of everyone have a good one.

Liran Hirschkorn

Hi, my name is Liran Hirschkorn. I’m the CEO of Incrementum Digital, Incrementum Digital helps you grow your sales on Amazon using the power of Amazon advertising and Amazon DSP. You can reach me at Liran Liran at So the question is, how do you? What am what are the top three books for partnerships and business relationships, and I’m not going to cover books, I’m actually going to cover some of the things that I do that have helped me in developing relationships. And the number one thing is coming from the standpoint coming from the energy of how can I give How can I add value to this situation to this networking to this relationship, and I don’t have a formula or I don’t have a score I keep if that comes back to me today, or if it comes back to me in the future. And a lot of times, you know, I will meet somebody, I’ll add value and then they’ll introduce me to somebody else and that relationship develops. And so I think the the key in building relationships is coming from a standpoint of giving coming from a standpoint of how do I create value, and not keeping score and knowing that the universe that the law of reciprocity brings these things back somewhere or another into your life. Some of the key people that I follow in principles is Jesse Itzler. I’ve gotten to spend some time with him in this past year, and one of the things he does is simple little things to build upon relationships like following up with an email, following up with a handwritten note, if you reached out to one additional person. Over the next year, you’ll reach out to an additional 365 relationships just out of the blue following up and networking. Jeremy Weisz is actually excellent at this and consistently does this in building relationships. And if you are close to him, you’re probably getting those messages. So I think it’s doing the small things other people aren’t willing and coming from the energy standpoint of giving and creating value for others.

Justin Breen

Hey, this is Justin Breen, I run the PR firm BrEpic It’s a PR firm that works only with visionaries and exceptional businesses around the world the website is that’s B as in boy ar e. p is in pony IC is in Cobra topics three books for customer service or business relationship partnerships, really like Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss, Chris actually wrote the foreword for my book epic business, which recently launched love the NCG Factor by Larry Kaufman, and Extreme Ownership, how US Navy SEALs lead and win. Those are great books for business leadership, and developing really great business relationships and partnerships. There are several people that I highly respect for business relationships, partnerships, basically what my company is an incubator of geniuses around the world and we’re constantly introducing each other for mutual gain. And the byproduct is I’m constantly getting introduced to companies and businesses around the world. some really great entrepreneurs who are awesome at creating real partnerships and great relationships are Karen Todd, Matt Deutschman Larry Kaufman’s very solid Chris Johnson is an excellent person who creates amazing intros for me in my business, and boy, there’s so many more but I’m so thankful to have my company BrEpic and sharing joy and abundance and investment mindset around the world. Thank you.