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Stephen Key was able to land a three-year worldwide exclusive deal with Disney, allowing his company to stock guitar picks with Disney images in Walmart and 7-Eleven. It eventually lead to an endorsement by the famous musician Taylor Swift.

Watch this interview as he talks about some of lows and highs:

-He talks about when he felt he was not pulling his weight around the house before his product hit it big.
-What happened when Stephen told his dad he was going to be an artist?
– How did he end up getting distribution in 7-11? You could try this method also.

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Stephen Key is the author of One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs from McGraw-Hill and has developed and licensed over 20 products.

Stephen Key is the man to turn with your licensing questions and is the master at licensing. Watch the interview to find out why he calls himself the no risk entrepreneur.

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