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Sol Orwell is cofounder of they have over 41,000 scientific research references on nutrition and supplemantation. The first two years generated no revenue and  he bootstrapped from 0 to over $1 million. is his 6th entrepreneurial venture. He also founded



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:37] Jeremy’s introduction of Sol Orwell.
  • [1:04] Sol’s lowest point, a business betrayal.
  • [2:36] Tapping a loan shark to offset the damage!
  • [3:30] How did Sol get past it?
  • [4:36] Sol’s proudest moment in business.
  • [5:42] Sol’s mentors and admired people.
  • [8:12] How to connect with Sol.

In this episode…

Jeremy asks Sol to share his lowest point as an entrepreneur – which turns out to be one of the most dreaded things that could happen: A business partner defrauded him.

Jeremy and Sol chat about what it takes to push past such a devastating betrayal, and how Sol thinks about it today. Sol’s journey out of that dark time and into a better place is inspiring. You won’t want to miss it.

As usual, Jeremy’s got a great guest with loads of expertise and a generous heart on this episode of Inspired Insider. Sol Orwell, cofounder of unpacks so much on this episode, there’s no way this short post can do it justice. You’ll just have to listen, won’t you?

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