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Sean Magennis  5:09  

So the first thing we do is we do a matching process. And it’s a little scientific, because we need to understand exactly what the goals are that the prospective person that wants to be coached has, we drill down on that. And then through our cadre of coaches, we do a matching process, we do some assessment work, we get the client to fill out what we call a crystal ball exercise to really identify and then we match based on the skills of the coaches to the requirements of the business, put them together, and then they work with each other on a monthly basis, typically four hours a month, quarterly planning sessions, annual planning sessions, and we end up being the coach of the business. In most instances, it starts with the CEO, typically, one on one. And then when the impact starts to happen, we cascade that down through the C-suite.

Jeremy Weisz  5:09  

You have some amazing coaches. And I happen to know Lew Jaffe, personally, who, and if you multiply that by all the other coaches, it’s amazing. He’s an innovator, he’s like, started some of the first stuff in video. Now this stuff is normal, but he’s one of those people, he’s like, kind of the godfather of this stuff.

Sean Magennis  6:14  

He is, you know, we’ve been, we’ve been blessed. As I said, it’s not every CEO that’s been successful, that can transition into being a coach, you have to have outstanding self awareness, you have to have have kept your hand in the game. So most of our coaches are coaching between 15 Summer coaching in excess of 25, 30 clients. So they’re in the game every day, they’re learning constantly. So we call it a learn at all mentality. And they have to want to make an impact. And these coaches, I mean, we are really blessed. We have an outstanding group, and we were growing all the time. So for those of you that have had a successful exit, and who want to still have your hand in the game, and impact just more than one company, and you meet our criteria, we’d love to meet you too. 

Jeremy Weisz  7:01  

Tell us about the book. 

Sean Magennis  7:03  

So the book written by Mark Moses and four of our other coach coaches, it’s stories about some of the successes that we’ve had the trials and tribulations because it’s not just the good news. It’s how you got through some tough times, filled with tools and techniques. We’re a methodology we not we’re a framework, I beg your pardon, not a methodology. So we embrace EOS, we embrace scaling up, OKRs KPIs, but it’s how we put all those together in service of our clients that makes it effective.

Jeremy Weisz  7:37  

So, where can people check out the book and and what’s your website? 

Sean Magennis  7:41  

So, And there’s a link to the book there and you can get it on Amazon it’s called Making Big Happen.

Jeremy Weisz  7:50  

Making Big Happen. Straight from GLC. Thanks!