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Sam Markowitz is a Top Copywriter and Direct response marketer who keeps a very low profile. He is known as Gary Halbert’s last protégé and he creates multi-media marketing campaigns that make his clients tens of millions of dollars. Before the age of 30, his work had already made a client over 100 million dollars online.




Background and Info About Sam:

Who is Sam, And Why He Formed The Sam Markowitz Group…

Sam was born and grew up in New York City and came from a lineage of entrepreneurs. He knew from a young age that he desired to go into business. After exploring many businesses, he discovered a love and talent specifically for business growth itself.

He got his big start growing businesses working with a man named Gary Halbert, one of the greatest direct response marketers and ad men to ever live. This is an important point because while many call Sam a ‘Wealth Wizard’ or ‘Marketing Genius’, he argues it was Gary who was truly a genius. He just transferred his lifetime of wisdom over to Sam.

When Gary passed away, Sam went out on his own, and began achieving great success
for clients. Before he turned thirty he was creating marketing campaigns producing tens
of millions of dollars, and already hit the milestone of making a client over 100 million dollars.

That is what led Sam to create The Sam Markowitz Group. He made it a goal of his to form the greatest ‘brain trust’ in the world, charged with fulfilling the following mission: To help clients grow their businesses, out-do their competitors, and dominate their industries.

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