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The guest on this episode of Inspired Insider is Russell Saks, founder of Campus Protein. He started a national supplement company while attending Indiana University and grew it to over 1200 sales reps. The business has grown from zero to 7 figures in revenue to date.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:23] Jeremy’s introduction of today’s guest, Russell Saks.
  • [2:50] The most challenging parts of running the business.
  • [3:58] The lowest moment Russell has experienced in business.
  • [6:41] Amazing transformations Russell has seen in his customers.
  • [12:10] Issues among the team and how they work issues through.
  • [13:41] A fun fact about Russell: His love for magic (see the video below).

In this episode…

Missing inventory is an issue that no product based business ever wants to deal with. But it was the reality for Russell Saks and the team at Campus Protein at one point. Tracking down exactly what happened to the inventory and how it happened was only half the trouble. The other half was the cash flow crunch that came as a result. You can hear how Russell and his team met the challenge on this episode.

To run a product based business you have to keep track of a multitude of variables, from inventory, to sales, to follow up, to returns, to customer service. In today’s economy apps and integrations of various kinds make all of that much more efficient and easier. Russell Saks of Campus Protein shares the apps and tools his team uses to keep track of everything and keep it running smoothly, in this episode.

When a business functions as a partnership on any level, decisions have to be made without getting stuck in committee. As Jeremy talks with Russell Saks of Campus Protein on this episode, he digs into the types of conflicts that have been common on the CP team and asks Russell to describe their process for getting through those issues while maintaining the team and culture. You’ll learn a lot if you take the time to listen.

It’s unusual for a college student to have the drive and ambition to create a successful business. But when it does happen you tend to hear about it (i.e. Mark Zuckerberg). Russell Saks is cut from that same cloth. He started Campus Protein while he was attending Indiana University and now it’s tremendously successful. You can hear Russell’s amazing story on this episode.

One of the interesting things about every founder is that he/she has interests or little-known hobbies that you’d be surprised to hear about. On this episode of Inspired Insider, Jeremy uncovers one of Russell Saks’ life-long interests: magic. In fact, Russell was once performing magic tricks professionally. You can hear about it and find out how to see a video of Russell performing, on this episode.

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