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Today we have Russell Saks founder of Campus Protein. He started a national supplement company while attending Indiana University and grew it to over 1200 sales reps and he went from zero to 7 figures in revenue.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:00] Jeremy’s introduction to this episode with Russell Saks.
  • [1:50] How did Russell get his business started?
  • [4:00] Russell talks about the impact of seeing his grandfather as an entrepreneur.
  • [5:50] How Russell started getting involved with supplements.  
  • [19:02] What advice did Russell learn from the BEST Competition?
  • [20:30] Facing a crossroads – continue the startup or go with the backup plan?  
  • [23:30] Russell talks about starting their own product line.  
  • [26:30] How does Russell and his team decide when to launch a new flavor?
  • [31:20] Russell talks about guerilla marketing.   
  • [35:00] The benefit of using samples.  
  • [36:00] Building a sales rep team.
  • [41:00] How has Russell’s team training process changed over time?  
  • [48:00] Russell talks about his difficulties with finding a good platform to use.
  • [50:00] Apps and tools Russell and his team have found effective.
  • [51:45] The biggest challenge for Russell and his team.
  • [53:00] The lowest and proudest moment for Russell.

In this episode…

Guerrilla Marketing is getting a lot of attention in the business world lately. How do you implement it? What are the best tactics and strategies? Is it even worthwhile to invest in? If you are wondering how guerrilla marketing can help take your business to the next level, this is a great episode for you! On this episode of Inspired Insider, Jeremy sits down with Russell Saks, founder of Campus Protein. Russell and his team have developed some innovative guerrilla marketing tactics that have produced impressive results for their product sales. Learn how Campus Protein harnessed current events and popular slogans to catapult their product to success. You will also hear about the fascinating journey Russell has been on as he led his business from a small college campus startup to become an industry leader.  

How do you keep your customers coming back for more of your product? Better yet, how do you get your customers to start purchasing additional products you offer? Russell Saks and his team at Campus Protein have found that simply including samples with each order has enticed their customers to expand the products they use. Sure it sounds risky and not everybody who receives a free sample will start regularly buying that product. However, by expanding their experience of your product with the free sample, you communicate to the customer that you care about their interests. Learn more about how Russell and his team consistently improve customer retention on this episode of Inspired Insider.

How do you build a large sales representative team, especially one large enough to service multiple college campuses? For Russell Saks and his partners, it took lots of patience and persistence. They went to everyone they knew and encouraged them to join their sales team. They refused to stop until they had enough team members to serve their clients well and keep an eye on expansion. Because of their focus and determination, Russell and his partners were successful in building a team that was in it not only for the money but for the opportunity to help others improve their health. Discover more about what fueled Russell and his team’s success on this episode of Inspired Insider.  

When business is booming and everything is humming along, why change the formula? As the old adage goes, if it isn’t’ broken, don’t fix it! Good luck telling that to an entrepreneur and innovator like Russell Saks. Russell and his team at Campus Protein were doing great selling vitamin and workout supplements on college campuses. But Russell wasn’t satisfied with the level of success they were experiencing. This dissatisfaction caused Russell to lead his business in the direction of developing their own product line. That decision set Campus Protein on a whole new course toward even greater success. Even now, they continue to develop and enhance new products for their customers. To hear more about this process and what led Russell to take this big step, listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.

Can you remember when you faced a major crossroads in your life? Was it deciding on whether to move to a new city? Or was it a change in your career path? These big life decisions can end up having huge repercussions for you and those close to you. Russell Saks faced a similar crossroads in his life. He had gathered a team to build a small startup on his college campus selling vitamin and protein supplements to his fellow students. The big question came when he graduated, would he continue to build the business or take another path like many of his peers were doing? The weight of this difficult decision caused Russell to really consider what he wanted to do with his future. What lessons can you learn from Russell’s story? Find out on this episode of Inspired Insider.  

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