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Roy Krebs is cofounder of Natural Stacks with Ben Hebert (A-BEAR). Natural Stacks creates open-source dietary supplements for optimal performance. One of their flagship products CILTEP® is a nootropic used by athletes, rocket scientists and silicon valley execs. They founded Natural Stacks in 2013 and generated 7 figures in their first year . We have a lot to learn from them on building a business.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:42] Jeremy’s introduction of Roy Krebs, co-founder of Natural Stacks.
  • [2:18] The low point of Natural Stacks.
  • [3:23] The decision to start from scratch with the team and let almost everyone go.
  • [5:02] The proudest moment for Natural Stacks.
  • [5:50] Some of the best testimonials they’ve received for Natural Stacks products.
  • [8:31] Why they attended a conference around floating and how Natural Stacks products fit in.
  • [11:14] The benefits of floating.

In this episode…

Maintaining a positive mindset has certainly contributed to the success of Natural Stacks. This natural products company focuses on what matters most and maintains optimism at all times. The ability to focus on the positive, says Roy Krebs, has certainly paved the way for success for the Natural Stacks team.

What was the low point for Natural Stacks? Because of the optimistic approach of the Natural Stacks team, it can be difficult to point out a “low point”. But, for Roy, the low point came when they realized they needed to start from scratch with the team and let almost everyone go. This was tough, but a necessary step to create the success they knew Natural Stacks could achieve.

Roy also discusses some manufacturing challenges and why they’ve had to switch manufacturers a couple of times. Finding the right company to work with is essential, says Roy, because you have to be on target with your deadlines at all times.

What are some of your favorite testimonials for Natural Stacks? For Roy, hearing how the products have changed lives is truly the reward for the hard work they’ve done. He shares a few of his favorite testimonials – ranging from people who have cut back on medications to a man who regained his ability to read after using the products.

Roy also discusses how he discovered float tanks and why he uses them regularly. He shares why it feels like “meditation on hyperdrive” and how the Natural Stacks products seemed to fit into this lifestyle.

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