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Ross Hudgens is the founder of Siege Media, an agency that helps great brands scale with SEO-focused content marketing. Ross founded Siege Media in 2012 and they have continued to grow since then and have made it to the Inc. 5000 list these past three years and they were also recognized as Inc.’s Best Workplaces. Their past and current clients include Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Shutterfly, Zillow, Intuit, Audible, and many more.

Ross also runs GrowthComet, a training course of record for agencies, freelancers, and consultants looking to 10x their growth. He runs GrowthComet with his partner, Johnathan Dane, CEO of $10M ARR CRO/PPC agency KlientBoost.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ross Hudgens discusses how he helps clients grow their business and his philosophies on creating viral content
  • The components of a good content and the top tools for content marketing
  • How Ross helped an eCommerce brand grow from 0 to 365,000 a month in traffic value
  • Why some companies struggle to invest in their content
  • The difference between paid and organic traffic
  • What Ross considers as a big win for his company and why he partnered with Jonathan Dane to create GrowthComet
  • Ross talks about how they made their company a great place to work in and what his hiring process looks like
  • Ross shares the key hires he has done that helped him focus on high-value activities
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Ross’ business and how they are coping
  • Ross shares why he is proud of the growth his company and his team

In this episode…

No other marketing channel offers immediate and long term value like content marketing. But many brands still continue to struggle to gain a strong foothold in the world of content which means they’re unable to generate the optimal ROI for their business. And this is why it’s a good idea to hire a team who knows what they’re doing and can get the results you need to market your brand efficiently in order to grow your business.

Ross Hudgens’ company, Siege Media, is in the business of taking away the guess work in content marketing from their clients because they take on the content marketing steering wheel and drive their brand to its desired destination.

Learn more about Ross Hudgens and Siege Media in this episode of INspired INsider as Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews him about how they help grow the bottomline of companies they work with through content marketing. They will be talking about what makes for great content, what makes a content go viral, the best tools to use for content marketing, and more so stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:22
Jeremy Weisz here founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders like the founders, you’ve heard of some you’ve never heard of. And, you know, p90x founder Tony Horton talks about, you know, obviously he’s sold hundreds of millions of dollars of p90x programs. But Roscoe I love hearing about as the challenge stories like what are the some of the crazy times and he talked about when he drove cross countries first getting started he made money for food and rent by being a street mine. So you’d actually be a street performer and put his head on the street. Whatever he made that day is what he used for food and rent money. Baby Einstein founder truly Clark talked about growing our company $20 million with five employees and selling to Disney. But was was amazing. Here are challenges of beating cancer twice. And Atari founder Nolan Bushnell talked about you know, he was Steve Jobs, his mentor, and Steve offered him 33% of Apple for $50,000. And why he said no, that and many more it, you know, I asked him that, you know, and I don’t want to ruin the punchline, but people can go to and watch the episodes. But, you know, he said, you know, Jeremy, if a punk kid, I don’t remember the exact Terms of Use, if a punk kid came to us like 21 and ask you if the equivalent of that time maybe 50,000 site was maybe 300 or 400,000. Would you give it to that guy, that kid? And I’m like, I mean, who knows? That would be Steve Jobs, right? Who would know that? So he’s like, okay, no, that’s fine. Fair enough. Well, you’re tricking yourself. Right now if it was me just a little

Ross Hudgens 2:03
less money, yeah, give him a little less money.

Jeremy Weisz 2:08
That would, that would have still been them. A pretty amazing round. But check out and the episode’s brought to you by Rise25, which I co founded with my business partner john Corcoran, and at Rise25 we help b2b businesses connect to their dream 100 clients and referral partners and help you run your podcast. So generates ROI. And, you know, I think just like Ross thinks, you know, content marketing is literally the best thing since sliced bread. It’ll help your business. That’s how I feel about podcasting. But it’s a lot more personal for me than just business. It was actually inspired. I was inspired to start podcasting by my grandfather, who was a Holocaust survivor and him and his brother were in concentration camps in Nazi Germany, and they were the only members to survive. And you’re thinking what does this have to do with podcasting? Well, His words in legacy live on because an interview was done by the whole cost foundation and you can watch it on my About Page of inspired insider I have the whole interview there it’s it’s his graphic details of what he went through so just be aware of that. But his legacy lives on because of an interview and so I consider it my responsibility when I have people on that I’m helping them leave a legacy so yes, I personally credit podcasting is the best thing I’ve done for my business in my life but it also helps my guests leave a legacy so if you have questions you can go to or [email protected] and email us so I’m super excited about today’s guests by the way and a shout out to Chris Dreyer who’s the founder of, and hey, they help personal injury law firms dominate first page rankings and also if you go to today’s you know, guess website with siege media. They helped Brands scale with SEO, focus content marketing. And so I’m going to give a brief introduction for Ross, who’s an amazing entrepreneur. And you know, he’s doing some amazing things to help other entrepreneurs as well. So, today we have Ross Hudgens. Ross Hudgens founded seeds media in 2012 sees me the Inc. 5000 each of the last three years and currently has offices in San Diego Austin, New York City in 2018. cedars also named one of ynX best workplaces, and there are more than 85 people working in creating amazing content and helping companies get to the top of search engines and get more clients. And if you look at their client list, it’s pretty amazing. They’ve helped brands like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Shutterfly, Zillow, Intuit audible so many more I you know, don’t want to take the time to name right now but check out their website and he also runs growth comment which is a training company immunity and course for agency and consultants and they help businesses grow. And he runs that with Jonathan dean of client boost, which has also been a guest on the podcast. So, Ross, thanks for joining me. I appreciate it.

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