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Robert is the founder of four successful companies that grew from zero to 10 million. In the past few years alone, he grew those companies from 10 million to over 100 million dollars in sales. His companies include Absolute Wireless, a preferred partner for Sprint, Dang IT Repair, a cell phone repair company, and Call Proof, a CRM for B2B companies to manage their sales process. Robert is also the founder of Shift Your Time, a company where he teaches business leaders and entrepreneurs how to get back an extra 40 hours of productivity a month using specific communication techniques.



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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [2:33] Jeremy introduces his guest, Robert Hartline
  • [4:26] The science of marketing: How Robert achieved 45% more sales than the previous year
  • [5:34] How retail stores can sell more
  • [11:22] Robert’s early career selling cell phones 
  • [14:47] The waiting room sales strategy
  • [16:44] How Robert uses Shift Your Time to train leaders
  • [26:45] Why Robert uses Marco Polo for internal communications
  • [30:38] What Robert does to keep his companies integrated
  • [34:41] How business leaders can motivate their people
  • [41:53] Robert’s toughest moments in business
  • [48:23] Robert’s proud moments in business

In this episode…

Where does the sales relationship begin? For Robert, it begins from the moment you answer the phone. It’s the base of a potential relationship. But the mistake a lot of retail stores make is that they don’t answer the phone correctly. By taking calls the right way you can close 27% more sales. In this episode, you’ll learn the most important thing you need to do in order to be great on the phone. 

What’s your strategy when those relationships aren’t started on the phone? How do you overcome being nervous and start generating income? Robert breaks it all down in this week’s episode by sharing his personal experience from selling cell phones at a gas station. You also get to find out the insider scoop of Robert’s waiting room sales strategy that still works today. It’s ingenious! 

What’s next after the sales start to roll in? You lead and inspire your team to do more. Robert gives some great insight this week on how leaders can motivate their teams in ways that don’t directly involve paying out more money. To do that, leaders themselves have to learn to save 40 extra hours a month by organizing their internal communications. It’s a fully packed episode and you don’t want to miss a minute of it. Learn more about Robert Hartline and Shift Your Time by following the links below.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:22
Dr. Jeremy wise here founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders like the founders of p90x Tony Horton. You know what I like about the stories, Robert is he talks about the tough times how he made money as a street mine. He’d put hat on his head on the street and he collected money for his food and his rent money and this was before and sold hundreds of millions of dollars. Baby Einstein founder Julie Clark fought cancer twice and one Atari founder Nolan Bushnell talked about how he was Steve Jobs. his mentor Steve offered nom 33% of Apple for $50,000 and why he said no There’s many more check out episodes inspired insider calm one of my favorites. Robert no one’s heard of most people. Chris I think gaikai when he was seven, he became an orphan because both his parents died of AIDS and he was the oldest of five children. He became the head of the household, the caretaker for his younger siblings within a year. While still getting used to the adult responsibilities. His brother died while walking in the hospital.

So he formed two nonprofits I think to for profit companies. Since then, the it’s incredible what he’s been through, so check that out. This episode is brought to you by Rise25, which I co-founded with my business partner, John Corcoran, Rise25. We help b2b businesses connect to their dream 100 clients and referral partners. Basically what we do is we create a systemized incoming referral pipeline, which generates ROI using a podcast and for me, it’s a lot more personal because it’s not just about your business. It’s about you leaving a legacy for yourself and your guests because I was inspired by my grandfather, who was a Holocaust survivor, and he and his brother were in concentration camps in Nazi Germany, and we’re the only people to survive, and his words and legacy live on because of the interview, the whole cost foundation did with him, which you can watch on my about page. So yes, podcasting will help your business. It’s been one of the best things I credit to my single best thing I’ve done for my business and my life outside of meeting my wife because of the amazing relationships but it also helps you leave a legacy. So, Robert, I am excited. You know, this is a long time coming.

I want to introduce Robert Hartline. Over the past 21 years he started and grown four companies from zero to $12 million in the past few years alone is taken those businesses from $12 million to over $100 million dollars in sales. His company was named the fastest growing business in Middle Tennessee two years in a row. His companies include Absolute Wireless, which is a preferred partner for Sprint. They have over 59 retail locations. If you you’re stressed out I think of Robert I think I’m stressed out of all the staff and employees and I can’t even imagine how stressful you and you You always seem so calm, and they’re all over. Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi started dang it repair a cell phone repair company called proof, which is a software that helps b2b sales teams manage their customers and sales activity reporting, shift your time which we’ll talk about which I want Robert to really dig deep in because he teaches business leaders and entrepreneurs how to get back an extra 40 hours of productivity a month using specific communication techniques. And he uses Marco Polo as one of them. And hitch which is an inventive rideshare service encouraging plays the carpool, fun fact he does all this while spending about six months in Costa Rica. I don’t know how you do it, Robert, thanks for joining me,

Robert Hartline 3:56
Jeremy. Thanks for having me.

Jeremy Weisz 3:58
Geez. My God. So Let’s start off, you know, Black Friday just occur whenever you’re listening to this. You know, you said before we got on you did 45% more than last year on Black Friday. This is probably the one of the busiest times a year for you yet. You look so calm right now. I would think of me pulling my hair out. What do you think was a difference between last year and this year with the increase in Black Friday?