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Rahul Wahi 3:52

you know, the mistakes and, you know, a lot of that comes from obviously the learning component. And so for us, you know, one of the biggest things that we tell them is, you know, take a step back and you don’t have to essentially come in and do this all at once. Right?

Jeremy Weisz 4:06

Because it’s overwhelming the feeling need to revamp everything,

Rahul Wahi 4:09

you know, you’ve maybe have, you know, a one or two person marketing team, you know, on some of these small medium sized businesses and that’s not all that they’re working on. It might be all that we’re working on for them. But this is not all that they’re working on. So there’s not you have to give this enough attention. I mean, it’d be like you know, getting up in the morning and just walking out with your pajamas on I mean I guess we’re doing that virtually anyways now but in theory that’s what you’d be doing. You don’t take the time to really consider yourself and give you give some self health. They are so I think just face it out, you know figure out what does success look like break the project down in phases and tackle one thing at a time just take your time with it. You know, this is a this is a massive investment just like you know your health. Your health is math. This is your this is your company’s health. So take the time and do it right. You’re not just going to walk into a gym workout for two weeks and On to achieve the goal that you’re looking to set. So take the time with this, it’s a slow rotation, you focus it in on three to five days, do that workout, do it for continuing a long period of time, break it up, you’re gonna see the results there.

Jeremy Weisz 5:12

I mean, arguably, it’s one of the most important things, because it’s the first impression, and maybe the last if they don’t do it, right.

Rahul Wahi 5:18

Absolutely. You know, and that and that’s it, right? Who are you speaking to? How are you speaking to them. And, you know, a lot of what we’re trying to focus on today’s in today’s times, especially, is just being empathetic, you know, bringing that bringing through not only just a promise, and the tone of the voice, but just also just that, that empathy that you have, as a brand. Listen, you’re solving something that hasn’t been solved before, you’re doing it a different way, even if it has been solved, you’re doing it a different way. And so bring that uniqueness, bring that authenticity out, bring that individuality out, essentially, that those are the things you want to focus and the only way you’re gonna be able to truly invest in that and focus on that is slowed down a little bit, you know, take that pause, take that large, deep breath. And let’s do this together.

Jeremy Weisz 6:02

You have a lot of amazing clients over the years, I love to highlight exactly what you do through an example. And we were talking a little bit off camera of you really cool client. Yeah,

Rahul Wahi 6:13

yeah, absolutely. So you know, obviously, our focus is in small and mid market clients. And a lot of the work that we do sometimes on the enterprise level, essentially, will be just through relationships, or somebody moving directionally, you know, through through that through that kind of vertical alignment. And, you know, my story is a little dated, but it’s probably one of my favorite ones. So I started llt group about a little over 10 years ago. So I’ve been doing this for a little bit. And it my past employer, I ended up actually, you know, coming out of that, and essentially building out this digital agency and as the solutions. So what happened was at that time, you know, completely start up, you know, I started my company on a $780 unemployment check. And, you know, and I knew that, you know, that is what I wanted to do. But with that said, you know, I was working out of my parents basement, so you know, right, right there, they kind of gave me their basement, we started bringing people on, and just kind of more so kind of freelancers, essentially, those people have now are tenured employees, which is phenomenal. We just celebrated a couple of them just this past week. But so we get to a point where this, the name of the company was LEGO Group, right? So everyone knows about them. But basically what we did was like branding and packaging for some of their products. So when doing a great job, the over these next to this, these couple quarters, and they’re like, you know, we’d love to come out there and see you guys are like, yeah, sure, I absolutely. Get off the phone. sheer panic, right. What do we do? We’re entrepreneurs, we solve problems, right?

Jeremy Weisz 7:52

Have them come either your parents? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rahul Wahi 7:55

So So you know, we go out to to the community that we live in and get a shared office space, right rented for the day, I think it was, you know, 10 years ago, still like to rent the whole space out, it was like $3,000 for the day, which was a large investment. I mean, this was, you know, we didn’t have a ton of companies. I just told you, we just started it two quarters ago, with the 700 bucks. And now here we are, you know, putting those large investments. We decked the place out, we give the lady the receptionist, we give her an LL t shirt, we have screens, I mean, this, we look like we own the building at this point. Anyways, so that morning comes and we’re, you know, hanging hanging out there and, you know, kind of my parents, you know, they’re like, hey, good luck, old blog, this that the other thing. I go to the Regis, and I’m kind of hanging out there, whatever. And my dad and I talked quite a bit and you know, we’re pretty, pretty close. And so he’s, you know, calls me up. And I’m like, you know, I can’t pick it up right now. I’m just waiting on them to show up. So anyways, 1015 minutes, 20 minutes go by, I got like four missed calls or whatnot. And finally, I’m like to spend 30 minutes you’re like, what’s, what’s going on here? Like, where are they? And so finally, your dad left like three voicemails two, which is kind of, you know, I was a little nervous, and I didn’t know what an anxious I call him back. And I’m like, Hey, Dad, what’s going on? And he says, hey, you’ve got some people at the house here. And I said, what do you what do you mean? He said, your meeting is at the house. And I said, Don’t say a word to them. Don’t talk to them. What are they doing right now? He’s like, Oh, we’re hanging out in the back. He was painting his pergola and they’re hanging out in the back. I just got some breakfast for them. They want some coffee, orange juice, all this stuff. They’re waiting for you. And I said, Dad, go inside. Let them be. I will be there in 10 minutes. I get there. And they’re like, Hey, man, really nice office. Love the outdoor. I said, you know, I like what how did you guys find this? Well, we came to the billing address on the invoices. That’s how your customer account is set up. They showed up there. We had a great conversation. My dad hung out with us. He’s talking about pergola. I’m building and this is like LEGO Group like dad, they don’t need to hear your share experience on your outdoor landscaping projects. Anyways, fast forward that 10 years later, still have this, the CMO come there come to our home, he has never been to my office, I have this, you know, really nice office and in the area. And today even to this time, still comes to my home, stays in my home hangs out our family, all of that. And essentially, it just realized that, hey, listen, they invested in me, they didn’t care about all the bells and whistles. You know, at the end of the day, they invested in me because I cared that much about them. So it was that at the end, it didn’t matter that it didn’t need this big office and all these, you know all these great tips and tricks at the end of the day, what they wanted was authenticity. They wanted that individual person so so that’s kind of it and you know, we’re really excited about the partnership and obviously been growing it ever since then.

Jeremy Weisz 10:57

I love that and some entrepreneur told me, you know, big companies are trying to look small and small companies are trying to look big, and that’s amazing. Where can people check you out online? What’s the website?

Rahul Wahi 11:08

Absolutely. So llt dash or a hyphen group So is where they can check us out. You follow site at llt group on Instagram and then we’re also on social media on LinkedIn. So

Jeremy Weisz 11:22

check it out live from GLC 

Rahul Wahi 11:24

Appreciate it thank you