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Patrick Campbell is the co-founder of ProfitWell. Patrick has grown ProfitWell from nothing in 2012 to over $10 million in revenue and 70 staff. ProfitWell has a free product that integrates with tools like Stripe, Braintree, and others to bring all of your subscription and financial metrics together in one place. There are over 10,000 companies now using ProfitWell…companies like Big Commerce, ClassPass, Zenefits, Meetup, Calendely, Masterclass, and many more.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [2:25] Jeremy introduces his guest, Patrick Campbell.
  • [4:45] What was Patrick’s childhood like?
  • [7:00] Patrick talks about his career trajectory.
  • [8:40] What was it like working at Google?
  • [12:00] Patrick opens up about his battle with cancer.
  • [17:30] How his cancer encounter helped Patrick make a leap with his career.
  • [19:00] Patrick talks about how Profit Well started.
  • [26:30] What was the development process like at Profit Well?
  • [33:30] Why it’s important to deliver value and which products Profit Well offers.
  • [40:15] Patrick talks about Profit Well’s pricing strategy.
  • [47:20] Why content is so valuable.
  • [50:45] A low moment from the journey.
  • [54:00] Patrick talks about a proud moment from the journey.

In this episode…

What is the best way to grab your customers attention and become known in your industry for high-quality service? Focus on delivering value! While it may seem like a simple strategy – that couldn’t be further from the truth. On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from business leader and entrepreneur Patrick Campbell. In his conversation with Jeremy, Patrick opens up about his battle with cancer, what it was like working at Google, why he decided to start Profit Well, challenges he has faced along the way, and much more! Have pen and paper ready – you don’t want to miss a minute of this fascinating episode featuring Patrick’s story!

It sounds crazy to give away services for products for free, right? Isn’t that something that only HUGE companies like Google or Microsoft can do without breaking the bank? No! While it might not sound like it brings in profit – focusing on delivering value has been Profit Well’s secret weapon! According to Patrick, at Profit Well, they determined that if they could prove to companies that their algorithms and systems save their clients money they’d get them on board for more services. Their efforts paid off, and Profit Well’s success has skyrocketed since! Get more info about Profit Well by visiting the link to their website located in the resources section at the end of this post.

What is the most difficult challenge you have had to face in your life? Was your biggest challenge a personal one or a professional one? For Patrick Campbell, the biggest challenge he faced was related to his health. While he was working at Google in 2011, Patrick discovered that he had breast cancer. Needless to say – this news was shocking and terrifying for Patrick. Thankfully, Google was extremely supportive and helpful as he faced this challenge head-on. While he did recover from his bout with breast cancer, Patrick had another encounter with cancer several years later and, thankfully, he was able to overcome that adversity as well.

Dealing with personal health challenges like cancer can have a huge impact on an individual’s career and overall outlook on life. Patrick’s encounter with cancer helped him lock on to what really mattered to him and forced him to consider the trajectory of his life. Looking back, Patrick is thankful not for the struggle but what the struggle produced – a more meaningful perspective on life. As you can imagine, this outlook also coloured the way Patrick approached his business as well and likely had an influence on his desire to serve others by delivering value.

Did you know that content creation is one of the top leading strategies that companies are using to grab attention in today’s crowded marketplace? It’s true! If you can combine content creation with delivering value to your audience – that’s a winning combination! Patrick and his team at Profit Well are putting this formula to the test; they are making a HUGE splash with their approach to contention creation. They don’t want to simply be known as a resource; they want to be known as an industry leader. What can you learn from the powerful story and example that Profit Well has set?

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