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Oren Klaff 5:46
four words. Life is not fair. Huh? Look around. We’re in Southern California. Driving XYZ cars living by the beach. Got a beautiful family. You know, shopping at Whole Foods doing work I love a certainly a setback but you don’t deserve anything. There’s no written in the Talmud with a book of life that you are going to get success or money or love or appreciation or or long life. Right? And you know, lots of people did woke up today dead. Okay? And so life is not fair. You get what you you know, like my little boy says, you get what you get you don’t complain. I really prescribe to that you see, I complain a lot, but you get what you get. And normally you get what you get because you let it happen. And so, so anyway, yeah, life is not fair. Then, you know, stoic philosophy. Just compartmentalize. You have to, if you talk to anybody who’s been in a white collar crime lawsuit, right, and I’ve interviewed some of those people It’s just so overwhelming, right? And they just you have to compartmentalize your life and say this is this and this is this so compartmentalize life is not fair. Get back in the game. And this one thing I say like once you’re in the game, once you’re in the once you’re in, you know, you’re in the cockpit, you’re shooting bullets and stuff coming to you in a general is going you’re fine. Right? It’s walking up to the cockpit, strapping in, put your hands on the gun when there’s no enemies around, that’s when you’re afraid. But once you’re in it, you’re in it. And so it’s just getting back in it and and recognizing life is not fair. They know the, the, the upside the high, you know, the the highlights are. I think the Oh, this is great. I’ll just tell you this and we got to wrap up on my job. So I had built my little boy for their birthday, a monster truck like truly giant truck. And up to three, I mean, when kids tune they’re basically a sea cucumber. Like they can talk, but they’re not talking to you not having conversations. Right? So I showed him a picture of it, but he couldn’t, you know, anyway, if you have a two year old, you know, but then he told his mom, dad built me a monster truck. And that was like a huge moment, because because what happened is he was taking information and then relating it to someone else. And of course, you said your dad would not build you a monster truck, right? You need to learn what a toy is, right? It’s not a toy. So he got in trouble. He’s like, no, I saw it. It’s real. But I just realized like this human is now communicating with other humans and I’d be careful about what I tell him. Wait, you know, messaging system. Now messages are coming out. That was a you know, not a business highlight, but

Jeremy Weisz 8:46
it comes full circle. Oren, I want to be the first one to thank you. Check out,, Definitely flip the script. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 8:56
Thanks, Jeremy.