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Nik Ingersoll cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer of Barnana with Caue Suplicy and Matt Clifford. Barnana is a healthy organic banana snack with flavors like coconut/banana, banana chocolate and many more. They are in over 5000 stores including Safeway and Whole Foods and are in the US, Japan, Canada and Australia. There company is on a mission to end food waste at banana farms.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:10] Jeremy’s introduction of Nik Ingersoll of
  • [2:03] Nik’s lowest moment and how he pushed through.
  • [4:36] The story Nik thinks of when he thinks of his dad.
  • [5:13] The proudest moments Nik has experienced in business.

In this episode…

There are few things harder to handle in life than a death in the family. All of us have to face it and it’s never easy. It’s even more difficult when you’re in the midst of growing a fledgling business. Nik Ingersoll shares his story on this episode of Inspired Insider.

When his father died Nik Ingersoll discovered that the expected burden of grief was compounded by the added pressures of the year old business he was running. On this episode of Inspired Insider Nick shares how he dealt with that hardship and kept the business running at the same time.

Whenever you experience the loss of a family member you deal with it in your own unique way. But what happens if your way isn’t entirely possible? Nik Ingersoll lost his Dad a year into his new business and had to learn how to grieve and work hard at the same time. You can hear his story on this episode.

There are so many nutritional supplements and healthy snacks on the market these days it seems like it would be impossible to introduce a new product effectively. But that’s exactly what Nik Ingersoll and the team at Barnana have done. You can hear Nik talk about the steady rise of their world-famous snack food, on this episode.

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