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Nick Usborne has been a copywriter and direct response marketer for over 35 years. He has worked with major companies including: Citibank, Apple, New York Times, and many more.

He has done conferences and trainings for companies like: Yahoo, Walt Disney Attractions and more.

He was the winner of AWAI copywriter of the year joining past winners that include Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Bob Bly, Richard Armstrong.




Back in the 90’s, Nick was one of the very first to recognize and teach that writing for the web is fundamentally different from writing for print.

His book, Net Words, published by McGraw-Hill NY in 2002, was one of the first books published on the subject of online and copywriting.

What will you learn in this interview?

– What were some of the toughest moments in his life and how did he get through ?
– What are the lessons he learned from being a farm boy?
– What was the turning point of his career?
– What are some of his proud moments?


As a direct-response copywriter, Nick Usborne wrote for companies like Franklin Mint, TV Guide, Apple, Chrysler, Citibank and others. In all, he won 15 awards for his direct-response work, both in Europe and North America. All the awards were based on the performance and results of his copywriting.

Since 1996, he has been working exclusively on marketing online and is internationally recognized as a leading expert on the subject of writing for the Web.
The list of companies for which he has written online copy includes MSN, The Getty Trust, Wells Fargo Bank, the U.S. Navy, The New York Times, Encyclopedia Britannica, Disney, Intuit and America Online.

Nick is also a much-sought-after speaker and trainer. He has spoken at dozens of online marketing conferences, both in the U.S. and Europe. He has also conducted in-house web copywriting training seminars for companies as diverse as Yahoo!, John Deere, Novartis Pharma, the Association of American Publishers, the National Cancer Institute, Merck & Co., Inc., the Public Radio Internet Station Alliance and many other companies and organizations.
He is a widely read columnist, with his articles being published by ClickZ, iMediaConnection, AListApart, Business 2.0, MarketingProfs and many other professional sites and publications.
He is also the author of the critically acclaimed book on writing for the web, Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy, published by McGraw-Hill.

In his spare time, Nick publishes Excess Voice, Freelance Writing Success and their accompanying newsletters, which are read by over 16,000 online writers and copywriters each month.

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