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Nate Nead is the Founder of and Nate is an experienced Mergers and Acquistions Adviser and Investment Banker who has successfully managed numerous deals in real estate software, hardware, digital marketing, and many more.

He’s founded, operated, and exited several digital media and SaaS companies, growing them from startups to multi-million dollar market leaders. Nate’s provides online marketing, SEO, and link-building services for Fortune 500 companies and startups.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Nate Nead talks about what they do at
  • How Nate acquired competitive domains such as those for and
  • How Nate helped a client in Alaska exit their business at the right price
  • How Nate prepares a business before a sale
  • Nate shares his strategy for attracting potential buyers of a company that’s up for acquisition
  • What goes into an acquisition deal
  • Big mistakes people make when they’re trying to sell their business
  • Nate recalls how he helped acquire a company in Louisiana
  • Nate talks about buying AudienceBloom and why they changed it to later on
  • Nate discusses the strategies he used to grow
  • Best tips on how to improve your content marketing

In this episode…

A remarkable exit sale of a business is the dream of every entrepreneur, but unfortunately, not many know how to build a sellable business. And even when a business is viable for sale, many entrepreneurs tend to overestimate their company’s value. As a result, they’re quick to run into problems in the process of trying to sell their company.

Nate Nead knows all about building and selling a business. Why? Because he has facilitated multiple multi-million exit deals across different industries and cities. He knows M&As and investment banking like the back of his hand and he has some great tips to share for those who are ready to part ways with their company at a price that makes the sale more than worth it.

In this episode of Inspired Insider, Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks with founder Nate Nead about how to best prepare yourself and your business for your exit sale. He shares his top strategies on how to attract buyers for the company and how you can close a great deal when you’re looking to sell your company or when you’re in the process of acquiring one. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz
Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders, some of you’ve heard of, and some people have, you know, they’ve heard of they’ve never heard of them they and one that always you know, there’s there’s the founder of Atari and he talks about how you Steve Jobs as mentor and how he turned down. Steve Jobs offered him 33% of Apple $50,000 and why he said no, so you could check that episode out. And Ed O’Keefe strikes me. Ed O’Keefe Founder of WakeUp Foods. He talks about challenging himself physically, not just mentally. He completed Kokoro Camp, which is based on a Navy SEAL hell week training put on by Mark Devine and Seal Fit. And by the way, running his business I’ve ever I’ve excuses Nate, I think of Ed because he’s got seven kids and he runs his business and he finds time to work out. So if I find myself making excuses as you pop into my mind, no excuses. Okay, this episode is brought to you by before I introduce today’s guest, you usually listen to this episode because I’m Nate I’m gonna introduce in a second runs and owns and he’s gonna walk us through several deals. And like, just taking us through the journey a little bit, which is cool to see. But the episode is brought to you by Ries 25, which I co founded with my business partner John Corcoran, and At Rise25. We help businesses connect to their dream 100 clients referral partners, strategic partners form amazing relationships through running their podcast. I get to chat today with Nate, who’s awesome and has done some amazing things because of the podcast Case in point share his thought leadership and knowledge. And so he thought about Nate has a podcast too. By the way, if you thought about you know, creating a podcast, give us a call. We’ve been doing it for over 10 years. You can email us or go to and watch my business partner make a video and we banter like an old married couple so you can watch that there. So today I’m excited. We have Nate Nead. Big shout out to Ryan Nead who reached out to me and we just are chatting. This happened and also shout out to Chris Snyder, who runs So Chris always gives me Good idea. So like, I think and have to do some kind of work together. Nate. So Nate Neads Founder of I mentioned investmentbank.cao and Nate’s an experienced m&a adviser and investment banker who successfully managed numerous deals in real estate software, hardware, digital marketing, and many more. He’s founded and operated and exited several digital media SAS and software companies, growing them from startups to multi million dollar market leaders. And in addition, your Nate if you were busy enough, I’m gonna find out probably you have 10 kids or something in addition to running investment for four kids, okay, that’s still

Nate Nead
not seven, four. Okay, four is still working on.

Jeremy Weisz
Impressive now you can pop into my head also with, okay, he’s got four kids only have two and he’s running multiple companies. He runs SEO co that provides online marketing, SEO Link Building Services. They serve anyone from fortune 500 companies to small startups. So Nate, thanks for joining me.

Nate Nead
Thanks for having me, Jeremy.

Jeremy Weisz
So there’s a couple stories you’ll walk us through for different reasons deals wise and First of all, talk about what you do there. And how did you get the domain does not seem like an easy domain to get sure

Nate Nead
so I’ve been doing investment banking for about a decade. And I the old model of, it’s kind of who you know, it’s either you you get it from referrals from your CPAs your, your, your wealth managers, your attorneys, and that’s how you’ve sought source your deals or you’re networking with business owners, which is still the best way to get your best leads and opportunities but i thought you know, in this new world there’s got to be a way to source leads online for people looking to acquire another business sell their business or maybe recent growth capital. And so I just started hunting around for a really good domain name that I knew I could leverage because the struggle is is I mean, exact match domains you know, love them or hate them. They still do have a little bit more weight and they’re the more easily sellable down On the road, you know if someone wants to buy them and so I went, I went and found one that wasn’t being used. And I reached out I think the owner I’m trying to remember now the owner was still an investment banker but they were working for one of the one of kind of your, your mid market, larger mid market firms, and they had founded investment bank comm maybe 15 years ago. And then then they then it shut it down, because they were both working at separate places at the time, and I negotiated with them a little bit and then bought it. But then the real work starts because it had no links to no authority. And so it’s that it’s out without any traffic. You know, we had to build all the content out over a ton of a three year period.

Jeremy Weisz
Yeah, was that a hard negotiation name because I could see first of all the person that investment banking there used to negotiating Second, you know, when someone has it for that long, they’re like, Oh my God, I’ve already had it for this long. I need better get something good out of it.

Nate Nead
Yeah, I know. No is your definition of hard negotiation that it was expensive? I mean, I would I, it was, it was more than I would have liked to pay. But anything more than 100 bucks is probably more than I would like to pay, but I wouldn’t considering what it is I’ve already made my money back on it. So was it worth it? Yeah, it was worth it. And, you know, it continues to bring bring in kind of daily lead flow. But as the saying goes, if you get 21 leads a day for a site like that 22 of them are pure garbage. So, you know, you have to you have to sift through a lot of Yeah, kind of bank opportunities.

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