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Natalie Cook was the First Ever Australian woman to compete in 5 Olympic Games. She is an Olympic Gold Medalist (2000) and Olympic Bronze Medalist (1996). Here is her fascinating journey on a record-breaking Olympic career and discover how you can apply her principles to achieve Olympic Gold in your business.

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Author, speaker and entrepreneur, Nat is now helping to motiv8 and inspire others to fulfill their dreams and squeeze all the goodness out of business and life.

She dresses up as Superman at events and to watch Superman around the house.


Natalie Cook was destined to succeed and never afraid to dream big. Her determination to play volleyball for Australia culminated in being crowned the very best in the world at the 2000 Olympic Games, in Sydney.

After a record breaking five Olympic appearances plus a swag of other career highlights, Nat has hung up her bikini and is now helping to motiv8 and inspire others to fulfil their dreams and squeeze all the goodness out of life.
Cook partnered with Kerri Pottharst to represent Australia at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, winning a bronze medal—the first time that beach volleyball had been an Olympic sport. In the same year, the pair won a silver medal at the world championships, and came first in the World Tour Event in Japan.

Cook and Pottharst did not play together again until 2000. They finished third in the World Tour Events, held in France and Portugal, and then participated in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. They dominated the competition, winning the gold medal. In the aftermath of their Olympic win, the pair were awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia. Cook and Pottharst were included in the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball’s Team of the Decade. After the Olympics, Pottharst retired, and Cook found a new partner in Nicole Sanderson.

They won a bronze medal at the 2003 Beach Volleyball World Championships in Rio de Janeiro, and by the end of the 2003 world tour, were ranked fourth in the world. They were subsequently selected to represent Australia at the 2004 Athens Olympics. After a promising start, they finished out of medal contention, losing to teams from Brazil and the United States. For the 2008 Summer Olympics, Cook partnered with Tamsin Barnett, finishing fifth overall. On 1 August 2012, Cook’s record breaking beach volleyball career came to an end with her elimination from her fifth games in London.

Atlanta 1996 Games – Bronze Medal
Brazil 1996 World Championships – Silver Medal
Sydney 2000 Games – Gold Medal
2003 World Championships – Bronze Medal
Athens 2004 Games – 4th place
Beijing 2008 Games – 5th place
London 2012 Games

Team of the Decade (with Kerri Pottharst)
11 National Championship Victories
135 International Events Played
26 Podium Finishes
42 Final-Four Finishes (as at October 2008)
165 International FIVB Events Played
(most of any female player)

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