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Today we have Mike Pavlish a top copywriter for nutritional supplements, health products, and information. Since 1988 his copywriting skills have helped to sell $418 million worth of nutritional supplements and health products. He has worked with Proactive, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Campbell’s Soup, Phillips Publishing, and many more.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:25] Jeremy introduces his guest, Mike Pavlish.
  • [3:30] Mike talks about working with Gary Halbert.
  • [5:00] Sales copy concepts that Mike teaches.
  • [18:00] Effective stories that Mike has utilized.
  • [28:00] How to make a product newsworthy.
  • [33:30] Mike talks about his work with BellyTrim.
  • [40:30] Lessons learned from working on the Diabetes Solution Kit.
  • [45:00] What Mike wanted to be when he was a kid.
  • [47:30] A worthwhile project that Mike has worked on in the past.
  • [50:00] Health products that do well on the marketplace.

In this episode…

What lessons can your brand learn from successful sales copy campaigns? How can you implement best practices and ride the wave of trends that could propel your company to the success you’ve been looking for? Imagine an opportunity to learn from one of the leading industry experts in crafting compelling sales copy. You don’t have to wonder! On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from sales copywriter extraordinaire, Mike Pavlish. Mike opens up about successful sales copy campaigns he’s composed, the power of telling a well-crafted story, how to make your product newsworthy, and much more! You don’t want to miss this insightful and informative episode!

Who has shaped and influenced your journey of building your company? Did you get the opportunity to learn from successful family members? Were you able to gather key business partners? What role have mentors played on your path to success? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from business leader and entrepreneur Mike Pavlish. Mike shares how Gary Halbert influenced and encouraged him along the way as he built his reputation as a copywriter. Never underestimate the impact that you can have by giving opportunities to others and helping them to hone their skills and abilities. Make sure to catch more helpful insights like this one from Mike’s story on this episode!

What is the best way to connect with your customers? Is it having an attractive and alluring website? Do you have to have an amazing and perfect product in order to gain a huge following? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from business leader and expert copywriter Mike Pavlish. Mike goes over how he has been able to help business leaders like you push the envelope to see massive growth in product sales. He helps brands do this by crafting compelling stories around the products. It all comes down to the story. What story are you telling about your products? Are they engaging stories that stand out? Listen to this episode to hear Mike go even further with this topic and much more!

Wouldn’t you like to know how to make your product newsworthy? What exactly does it take to get your brand noticed in a way that grabs headlines? Is it random chance or is there something you can specifically do to help it gain momentum in the marketplace? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader Mike Pavlish. Mike takes the time to explain how leaders like you can connect your product to popular trends in culture and capitalize on news topics that your product can provide a solution to. If you’d like to hear more about how you can make your product newsworthy, make sure to catch this episode with Mike!

When you push a campaign to promote or gain publicity for your brand and products, do you tend to always err on the side of positivity? Have you considered how always showing the positive and the good could actually be hurting your ability to connect with your customers? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from expert copywriter and business leader Mike Pavlish. Mike unveils why leaders like you should consider using more of what he calls the “Dark Arts.” Simply put, this is using the tactics of fear and other negative emotions to promote your product as the solution to what people are fearful or worried about. Some may frown upon this strategy but if you take the time to hear Mike out, it could make all the difference for you and your business. Don’t miss this episode!  

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