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Matt Miller is Founder of School Spirit Vending. The combined efforts of his business and his franchisees, allowed them to sell  over 5 million stickers last year alone while helping schools raise funds.  School Spirit Vending has accumulated over $12 Million in sales over the past few years.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:36] Jeremy’s introduction of Matt Miller, founder of School Spirit Vending.
  • [1:07] Did you ever think you’d sell over $12M in stickers?
  • [1:48] What were you thinking when you first started this? What were your goals?
  • [2:52] What was really tough back when you were trying to dig yourself out of that hole?
  • [4:45] How do you handle things like that with your family?
  • [6:32] What was your low point and how did you push through?
  • [8:55] Your proudest moment?
  • [9:47] What do you do today that makes you realize how far you’ve come?
  • [11:53] Where you can find Matt.
  • [13:10] Tell us about your comic book company.

In this episode…

Sometimes success comes after you’ve hit rock bottom. For Matt, the journey to success was paved with many struggles and – at times – wondering how he and his family would survive. In this open and inspiring chat with Jeremy, Matt shares his low point, his high point, and what it’s been like to overcome so much along the way.

Selling $12 million in stickers through his vending machines didn’t come easy. In fact, Matt hit a very low point before working his way to this level of success. He discusses some of the lowest point in his journey, including collecting aluminum cans with his son to survive. Matt also gives us insight into how his family honors the struggles of the past in order to always remember how far they’ve come.

After working so hard to dig his way out of a hole, Matt has seen many high points. One of the highlights was when they attending their very first trade show and got affirmation that what School Spirit Vending had to offer was, in fact, something of value. He also discusses the feeling of gratitude and pride he has knowing that he’s able to pay cash for college tuition so his kids don’t have to incur debt.

In closing, Matt discusses a passion project, a comic book series called Marlin and Percy. As a comic book lover, he was inspired to create this series as a way of offering parents a principle-based comic as an alternative to some of the darker comics out there.

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